Greek Peak Responds to Song ... Buys Toggenburg

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There are 4 ski areas near each other in CNY.  South of Cortland is Greek Peak, and north towards syracuse is Song, Labrador, and Toggenburg Last year Song bought Labrador.  Now Greek Peak answers.  Greek Peak has been very successful since bankruptcy.  New ownership's first year, 2013-14, they made $500k profit and completely reinvested it.  I don't know how they did this past winter cash-wise, but they are building a huge deck attached to the bar and have started summer mountain bike operations.

These transactions have completely upended the CNY ski market.  Now the two largest areas each own one of the smaller areas.

It'll be interesting to see what happens with the ticket options.  Greek was always one-price-every-day-no-matter-how-many-lifts-run with a PM option and Togg has offered any-X-hour tickets.


  • A Greek/Togg tie-up?!? That makes no sense.
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    Learned to ski at Toggenburg. Charming little mountain. Labrador is easily a better area longer trails and bit more vertical. A lot of rich lobs from fayettville and manlius think they own Toggenburg though.
  • Togg is one ridge over from Lab but is far smaller. The trails ski okay but, to me, Togg is meh.

    Especially since they removed the Hall t-bars after letting them decay into uselessness. :(
  • This area of CNY contains the remains of three lost ski areas. West of Fabius (where Togg is) is the town of Cazenovia, wherein lied Ironwood Ridge. This place was insanely steep, 500 vertical feet, and was all surface lift. It's t-bar emigrated to Song Mt.

    Just south of Cazenovia is the town of New Woodstock, which had Mystic Mountain. Mystic has two distinct peaks and had a Hall t-bar on one and a double chair on the other. It's vertical was about 550, as I recall.

    South of Labrador in the town of Solon lies the grand prize of them all: Intermont. This was an upside down area with 750 vertical feet, a lattice towered center pole Städeli and two Heron t-bars.

    How. I. Wish. I. Skied. Them.
  • Though my roots are deepest at Labrador, as that's where we skied for years as a family, my opinion is the trails at Song are outstanding. Excellent blue square runs all over the mountain and nicely pitched steeps on the expert trails.
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