Festivities Surrounding an FIS Race

I'm going to France this winter to ski. I never had a chance to see a live FIS race even in the states so I figure this is a good a te as any. The men are doing a downhill in chamonix in late Feb so I'm looking to hit that time frame

Granted I dint care to sit there the whole day and watch amd nor do I wamt the resort to be mobbed.

Does anyone have experiance with an event like this? What goes on in pre and post time. I know they'll have training runs in the lead up but other events and/or when to expect crowds?
My heart bleeds for winter.


  • Are you sure it's not a World or Europa cup? I used to race FIS and they were just a higher caliber race but certainly not an "event" by any means.
  • newpylong said:

    Are you sure it's not a World or Europa cup? I used to race FIS and they were just a higher caliber race but certainly not an "event" by any means.

    I'd wonder the same thing. They do FIS races at Pat's Peak.
    - Sam
  • If you're talking Lindsey Vonn, Ted Ligety, and their peers at a major France venue then I'm sure you can expect tons of activities on and off the slopes.  I was at the FIS World Championships at Beaver Creek/Vail last winter during the whole two week event and it was really cool.  Big name music concerts every night, free in Vail.  Special restaurants designated as official dining and apres spots for different country's athletes AND fans.  Free attendance if you could get a seat in 35K capacity stadium, even bigger and enthusiastic crowds lining the courses at primo events such as Men's Downhill, many fairs and events at nearby towns like Avon.  They should have all this online for the particular event you are considering attending.
  • Yeah its the fis world cup men's downhill at Chamonix February 19th. Its on the calender
    My heart bleeds for winter.
  • You might ask your question on Snowheads.com to get best info from British skiers who visit the Alps frequently.  Alternatively, some Euros that post on EpicSki.com could also help.  I would expect there would be time trials the day before and lots of après ski stuff around town for a couple days before and after.  The town of Chamonix should be hopping with athletes and fans and you might want to look for accoms as soon as you're ready to commit.  At Beaver Creek the stadium was often full with locals and people coming up from Denver, but the crowds of recreational skiers/boarders on the slopes were moderate to light.  Don't know if same would be true in Europe/France, might depend if the event coincides with some big school holiday.  Snowhead and EpicSki people might be able to comment on that too.

  • Great. I'll head over there to see if I can get details

    Ought to be a pretty cool trip report
    My heart bleeds for winter.
  • Ought to be a pretty cool trip report

    Looking forward to it.  It would be interesting to hear how the experience might differ in Europe where they have a longer tradition of participating and rooting for snow sports.  
    Correction on my comment about Beaver Creek race stadium.  It held about 8,500, but we estimated on days of big events that there might have been about 35,000 total spectators including those in stadium and the big crowds lining the ski trails,many in full party/picnic mode including yours truly:
  • This link will have all the info as it gets closer to event day. Since it is single gender and DH, the actual race (from start to finish) doesn't take that long. The biggest "event" tends to be the bib draw. This is either in the late afternoon or evening before race day. They may have public draws for the training runs too.
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