Building a replacement base lodge Really Fast.

Peak Resorts owns & operates Mad River Mountain, Ohio's largest ski area at 300+ feet.

MRM's base lodge burned to the ground on the evening of September 16th, just over a month ago.

In about a month they have removed the ruble, done planning, poured a new concrete slab for temporary buildings, ordered the parts and received them! A new base lodge (with bar    ) is rising rapidly. 

This week they started assembling the temporary structures which sound more than adequate for a season. A new permanent facility is promised for the following season...

From their Facebook page...

October Update

This 2015-16 season's temporary winter lodge will consist of two new aluminum framed building from Sprung Structures. They will serve as our main lodge & bar this season and both will be serviced by a new state of the art Kitchen. The two new buildings are connected by enclosed corridors, and will include guest services ranging from food and beverage services, a retail shop, a bar, ample handicap accessible restrooms, a full-service kitchen and special events including live entertainment. 

Sneak Peak:

image <:-P

1280 x 720 - 81K
5096 x 3296 - 1M


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    well it looks like they have the situation in hand!  glad to see it  thanks for posting

  • Just like Mount Abram's lodge!
    - Sam
  • Looks like SPRUNG Instant Structures. A great solution!

  • I remember when Mountain Creek put up some of these instant structures and they were supposed to last for a season. New lodge is certainly nice but it took some time for them to finally build it.

    Is there enough of a profit margin at such a small area to generate the capital to make building a new lodge this off season worthwhile for them?
    My heart bleeds for winter.
  • Mountain Creek had that thing for what, 10-15 years?  After a couple years it was no longer conducive to growing their business

  • While I don't like those structures cause they're ugly, I totally understand why they do it: Price! 

    I work in the building industry and its just plain expensive lately; especially to build a large lodge.  Temp tent structures are the way to go to get services up and running in such a limited time period.
  • ...

    Is there enough of a profit margin at such a small area to generate the capital to make building a new lodge this off season worthwhile for them?
    Mad River in Ohio IS a major area in that part of the world! 
  • Judging by the press releases & TV interviews the 'Sprungs' are there for this winter only. The base lodge is apparently a fairly major social center for meetings, weddings and all sorts of off season events.

    Bigger and better seems to be the gist of what they are issuing.

    There have been positive reactions to things like new kitchens & new bathrooms on the main floor in the temporary structures... so if Peak is listening (which they are pretty good about) the community will come out of this with an even better facility.

    Don't know as I'll plan a road trip to Ohio just to see it though.
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    I've stayed at a another resort that used a similar structure from WeatherPort and it was nice. When I go back to Mad River Mountain I'd love to see how these temporary structures work out.
  • Side note about Mad River Mountain - looks like you can take the "Sugar Bush" chair and ski down the Mad River Slope.
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