French Alps

Well its booked. Jetting out to Geneva this winter to ski....somewhere...

All's I've got booked is the flight.

Does any one have experience and/or know of some good resources to help decide where, among the dozens and dozens of ski areas, in France or Switzerland might be baller as hell? Our eye is set on above tree line but since no one knows anything a all about the region we need to take into account the weather during that time of year...2/5-2/14, def col but windy too??? Average snow during that time???? We are all expert skiers albeit we are not looking for any cliffs over 15ft. Steepness, trees, on piste, off piste, groomed, not groomed. It doesn't really matter. Proximity to some central hotel is key since we will be using the bus/trains for all of our transport.

Were going to be there for 6 total days of skiing aside from the site seeing we have planned.

Sadly it did not work at that we could make the FIS race 2/17 but I will survive.

Any help would be great...I've not done any research as of yet but now is time time....
My heart bleeds for winter.


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    Sounds great.  Heart
    of the season, should be decent to excellent conditions just about
      You have one week, that would
    seem to dictate picking one big place and sticking there.
    Alpine ski areas want you to pick lodgings for a full week from Sat to Sat or
    Sun to Sun.
      In Europe they have the
    equivalent of condos or “self-catered” apartments, but also many old fashioned
    lodges/hotels where some or all meals come with the price.
      You have to decide on which approach you
      Believe Chamonix is only about an
    hour travel time from Geneva.
       Val d'Isere and Les Trois Vallees would be
    about three hours, Zermatt 2.5 hours.
    only skiing in the Alps was in Austria, which is about twice as far as the
    others from Geneva and not a logical choice for your scenario.
      Speaking only from reputation, Chamonix FR is
    supposed to be epic, but somewhat disjointed requiring bus rides to the several
    different ski mtns there.
      Meribel is
    supposed to be a friendly, moderately priced entry point/village for Trois
    Vallees FR (huge lift-linked ski domain:
    ~180 lifts/370miles of trails). 
    Val Thorens is the higher elevation base village for Trois Vallees if
    you wanted the most snowsure location.
    Val d’Isere is supposed to be a dang good place for expert skiers and
    also huge.
      Zermatt SZ, which I’ve been
    to in summer, is incredibly scenic, with perhaps an emphasis on long groomed
    runs and a beautiful base village.
    de Soleil is another large French resort only about 1.5 hours from Geneva, don’t
    know much about it, except almost as big as Trois Vallees and straddles both FR
    and SZ.


    IMHO this is the best website to research European ski

    Here is their page on Val d’Isere, which my gut tells me is a
    top one you should consider:

    They also put out a fine hardcopy guidebook under same where
    to ski and snowboard name that I’ve found in a couple of my local public

    PS:  you better post some post trip pictures or I will be pissed :-)

  • The Blue Book of European ski areas was a great resource.  Not sure what's become of it.

    About 10 years ago we skied the Portes du Soleil region.   I highly recommend it.  I believe that the combined ski area is the largest in the world.

    We flew into Geneva and stayed in Morzine.  Our hotel arranged a van transfer to / from the airport..  If we did it again, we might consider staying at Avoriaz as it would save the morning tram ride.

    You'll find lots of varied terrain there.  Weather tends to be warmer than New England, but the snow is variable as snowmaking is minimal.


  • Just remembered,
    Get a Carre Neige  It's insurance in case the ski patrol needs to get you off of the mountain.
  • God for bid we should get hurt
    My heart bleeds for winter.
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