Shiesty Leases - HELP

I just found out that the winter cabin we had signed a lease for in September for the upcoming season beginning 11/15 has just been voided.

We went through a realty company who was on contract with the owner of the property. Everything was on the up and up until yesterday when we get a message from the reality company telling us the owner informed them that they sold the property and would not be honoring our lease even though we had already paid 75% of the winter rent.

The reality said they had no idea and are just as upset as they are losing their commission. We will be getting our money refunded as well as a $1000 credit if we find and rent another property through this same company. Sad to say though that at this point in time seasonal rentals are going to be lacking and the quality is going to be crap.

With that being said two questions

First does anyone know of decent properties that are near Mount Snow? Almost all of us already have the double down pass so it needs to be somewhere close to the Mount Snow/Stratton area. Our group is 10-14 people so we would need a place that size.The reality company is going to try to find us a place and we've did a quick look at Criags list but if anyone knows of some place please let me know.

Second does anyone know any real estate law that might be able to point us in the right direction for legal recourse? Our lease was a signed and notarized legal document and we feel we can both block the sale from happening until tyhis plays out as well as sue this guy considering the situation we are now in. We've got a lawyer looking into a few things for us but he is a friend of the group and he is not a real estate lawyer nor does he practice in the state of Vermont.

Any guidance anyone might have would be helpful.

Heck of a bad story considering the season hasn't even got rolling yet.
My heart bleeds for winter.


  • Is there a clause for this in the lease with prescribed damages?  I'd be surprised if there wasn't.
  • Going to review all the paperwork with the lawyer later today. It appears there is not a damages clause but the lease period is clear and this is not one of the legal reasons the owneer can break the lease.
    My heart bleeds for winter.
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