Which New England ski areas over 1000 vertical do not have interesting blue square terrain?



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    They build up so much snow on Showboat that you can't tell how fun of a run it is. It's sad to see that this is the case at many areas now.
    - Sam
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    Just curious: Would you say the same about Mad River Glen?  I'm wondering if the problem at both WF and MRG might be that the blue square skier needs to look at the Green Circle Runs to find what s/he is used to skiing as blue?

    No!  MRG has plenty of good intermediate trails!  WF intermediate trails are not comparable, they are troublesome because of all the reasons so well described above by Z1.  

    FWIW I ski Black NH a lot, agree that there are a lot of very easy trails, a lot of superhuman terrain I've never attempted, and just a handful of trails that fit in the middle.   But the easy trails are so interesting and varied, they are not dull.

    I've skied at all the No Conway areas -- except KP -- quite a bit and I would say they deliver nicely for intermediates!


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    So true about Ragged/Showboat!!!!   And WV!!!!
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    Showboat is too bad but there are a plethora of other cruisers with great terrain there - it's neighbor Flying Yankee is one of the best around if you ask me.
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