Quickest or Slowest ( or none ) Response from Ski Area Management

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I noticed this morning looking at Nubs Nob snow and conditions/open trail report no mention or listing of one of my favorite trails ( orangesicle) . I then looked at this years version of Nubs trail maps with no labeling of said trail with a new trail on Pintail Peak.( outback jack glade)

I emailed Nubs and in 19 minutes had a response from Jim Bartlett President and CEO! Not only was it a quick reply but he gave the reason not listed,(doesn't hold snow well and a bad intersection midway with another trail) as well as discussing the new glade trail and basically saying they have a very open policy of allowing skiing anywhere within area boundaries and implying skiing orangesicle is legal poaching in his eyes.

I was just amazed the President and CEO of one of the midwest's best ski areas took the time to respond so quickly during the height of a poor natural snow- meager snowmaking Holiday season. It just shows me the class act this highly rated ski area is, hands on management. That's why they have a higher percentage of open terrain than others in the area.

Who have you contacted via email, voice mail, or have had your question answered the fastest? Or for that matter never responded or took so long you gave up?

Edit- GM not CEO


  • I've never measured it, but Killington's Mike Solimano has always responded to my email within 24 hours. But I think ciscokid's record will be tough to beat.
  • I've had on multiple occasions, and not just during ski season, Kelly Pawlak, Mount Snow's GM respond to e-mails I've sent her within an hour
  • Win at Sugarbush is very fast with replies, and has posted on Snowjournal
  • Goober said:

    Win at Sugarbush is very fast with replies, and has posted on Snowjournal

    Win posts almost daily, sometimes more in the MRV forum of AZ.
  • Maybe a stupid question, do ski area Prez and GM have a "secretary" that sits behind a computer authorized to answer his emails addressed to him?

    After mentioning itto my wife she said that happens all the time at the hospital with Drs. I know she opens my snail mail and vice versa.
  • ciscokid said:

    Maybe a stupid question, do ski area Prez and GM have a "secretary" that sits behind a computer authorized to answer his emails addressed to him?

    After mentioning itto my wife she said that happens all the time at the hospital with Drs. I know she opens my snail mail and vice versa.

    Depends on the ski area probably. For example, I know that you'll hear directly from "Mike at Tenney". :D
    - Sam
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    Two minutes on facebook. Tim Woods of Woods Valley in Rome. Real nice guy.

    Emily Stanton Gore Mountain PR director. Mailed a letter asking about Bear mountain expansion. Recieved a packet about 2 weeks later with master map, stickers, lift pass, and trail map and personalized letter. This was a while ago. Over 10 years ago. Emailed her a few years back about North Creek expansion Emailed me back with expansion plans again. No freebies this time :(.
  • I miss the posts from Cranmore Mountain, IIRC, from Kat Bennett (sp.) I wonder what happened to her?
  • I contacted Mt Bohemia via their contact page( text like) regarding cat skiing reservations and had a phone call back from a gal within 5 minutes!
    Then within the hour another guy fro M B called , wow impressive followup
  • Good grief, how many people are going right to the top and emailing the GM or CEO. Front end customer service isn't enough? lol. Other than calling an automated snow phone, I can't remember the last time I actually had to contact a ski area so I can't comment on response time but I sure won't be checking in with the GM or CEO if I ever have an issue, unless someone on the front lines REALLY messed up big time.
  • I just recently emailed Magic's new management and got a personal response from the President in minutes.

    True story: Just sayin'...
  • I did not request GM, CEO , owner or anyone specific. Just amazed at quick response to whoever is responsible for answering questions.

    It just so happened Jim Bartlett supposedly answered my simple question at Nubs

    On the other hand I left a voice mail at Caberfae 3 days ago regarding why my season pass had not come( the 3 grandsons did) and haven't heard back.
  • Best way to ensure a response is to send an old fashioned letter in an envelope with a stamp on it.  Remember those?    ;))  A lot of people in an office don't know what to do with them so they go around like a hot potato.  

    I got a personal reply from Bill Stenger a couple years back after multiple dead end, pass-the-buck phone calls to Jay Peak.   The most absurd call culminated with someone in the marketing department telling me that Jay Peak was not responsible for the information on the Jay Peak website (I am not making that up) which got me to an unbelievable level of pissed-offness.

  • I was writing a thesis in college on snowmaking energy efficiency and spoke directly with Kelly Pawlak, GM at Mount Snow. The reason she reached out is to say that all their data is proprietary and anyone walking into the library at my university would be able to access this information.
  • I posted a Sugarbush review in SJ 1.0 and Win Smith replied within a day or two. Not too shabby!
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    I called Mount Snow last week to ask when they would have early morning trail access for passholders. I left two messages at the season's pass office and got no response.

    Ski Conditions Report: A detailed report describing the snow conditions on the mountain the day of your visit. Skiers should become familiar with the following snow surface descriptions: Ice: Packed Powder, Slush: Packed Powder, Frozen Granular: Packed Powder , Packed Powder - A thin covering of snow over bare earth.

  • MS Snow report section of web page, click more info at the bottom...

    A.M. Express

    A.M. EXPRESS Mount Snow offers season passholders and Grand Summit/condo owners an early lift (7:30 am) every Saturday beginning in January.

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    It has been since last Wednesday that I emailed Mt Bohemia. I have heard no response and I made a phone call to Lonnie Glieberman the owner and he has not returned my call.

    The reason is that we put down $387 deposit and we were unable to get there last winter. Do you think I am fair in requesting two $99 season passes for this upcoming year ?( by the way they are not showing the freedom reciprocal this coming year ,it must not have worked out for them but it does contain two day passes at Crystal Mountain Michigan ) does it cost ski areas substantial money to get into these reciprocal passes such as the freedom pass last year?

    I would not think it is that busy this time of year that he cannot either email me back or phone me back.
  • Granted as an employee, even as a volly, I have a different perspective-- but at both areas where I have patrolled, I've found management-- Win and John  at Sugarbush and Dennis Esbaugh at Holiday Valley to be quick to respond to not only my questions or ideas. Skip Yahn of the Valley was the same way. I've heard over and over from the skiing public that they've found the same for both of them. 

    On another note, I haven't been to the Valley since 1998, but after my mother passed away in 2009, I got a nice personal letter from Dennis and Skip expressing their condolences. From what I understand, others have received the same. Not a bad way to recognize former employees and remind them of where they come from. 
    "Making ski films is being irresponsible with other people's money, in a responsible sort of way..." 
    Greg Stump
  • Well Lonnie Gcalled me back, will let us get 3 nights midweek for price of 1( him keeping last yrs deposit of $386
    Shrewd but trying to help
    Would not give season passes
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