Exciting news - Lost Ski Areas of the Berkshires and Western Massachusetts to be published

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Great news everybody! I now have my contract to write the next lost ski area book. Here are details:

The Berkshires an Western Massachusetts were once home to over 60 former ski areas. From briefly operated rope tows prior to World War II, to large resorts that closed more recently, these areas served a vital role in growing the sport.

Lost Ski Areas of the Berkshires and Western Massachusetts, to be
published in 2018 by The History Press, will be author Jeremy Davis'
fifth book in his Lost Ski Area series.

Up to 90 photos, past and present, along with historical trail maps will help to illustrate the history of these areas.

If you have photos or memories to share for possible inclusion into the book, please send them to nelsap@yahoo.com.

In the initial research process, over a dozen previously unknown rope tow ski areas have already been discovered!

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  • :)  :)  :)

    That's great news, Jeremy!  ;)  I assume that you're using VT, NY and CT as your northern, western and southern boundaries.  How far east will you be covering ... the Connecticut River or further?

  • Congratulations!  I've enjoyed the first 4. Amazing where a college term paper has led you.  Do you ever hear from "The Colorado Skier"?
  • Very nice!  Will just it be the Berkshires (CT River West)?
  • In regard to defining the Western MA region, I'd include the Berkshires (of course) and the entire Pioneer Valley rather than just the portion of the PV to the west of the CT River.  That'd mean the 4 Western Massachusetts counties:  Berkshire, Franklin, Hampshire and Hampden.  

    Using the CTRiver would exclude Springfield  Check:  I'm from Western Mass !


  • Is that an éclair he's eating?
    ISNE-I Skied New England | NESAP-the New England Ski Area Project | SOSA-Saving Our Ski Areas - Location SW of Boston MA
  • ski_it said:

    Is that an éclair he's eating?

    Now all he needs is a T-bar.
  • <bump>

    Any updates on a publication month?  Any special photos of lost areas in winter that you need taken this season?

    This one is getting hard to wait for, NELSAP!

  • Publication sometime mid 2018. Book is to be submitted this December. Will let you know about lost areas for this season for pics, thanks! I may also be narrowing the geography to the Berkshires and Western Pioneer Valley. Covering all of Western Mass' 4 counties is resulting in too many areas. Plus I have found another dozen! Like Pine Haven and Indian Ladder.

  • All, I wanted to let you know of an important change to the theme of the book. When I started writing 2 years ago, I had intended to include all the ski areas within the 4 counties of Western Massachusetts. As researched progressed, I found a few dozen new areas - which was quite unexpected! And areas I thought would have little information or interest proved me wrong and I was shocked at how many great stories were out there.

    In order not to just gloss over each year, I have shrank the scope of this book to cover just Berkshire County. You won't be disappointed - the book will be able to go into much more detail into the background stories of these fascinating areas, and more images of each can be included.

    And what about the other areas not included? Well, stay tuned for the sequel - Lost Ski Areas of the Pioneer Valley! That will likely come out a few years after the Berkshires.

    I hope you will all understand and that you'll enjoy Lost Ski Areas of the Berkshires! - Jeremy

  • So, Jeremy, now that you've wrapped up (I assume) your ski season with yesterday's excursion to Whiteface, do you have any updates on when LSA of the Berkshires will roll of the presses?  Excited minds want to know.

  • Hi Woody, still waiting for a publishing date but I know it's in production.
  • Just heard- Nov 26 will be the publishing date!
  • That date is bound to make your book a success, Jeremy. If I'm still above ground (a big if), that'll be my 89th birthday. I'll save you some cake.

  • Only one month to go. I've pre-ordered my copy!
  • Copies will be available from NELSAP on or about Nov 26 - I'll be accepting some preorders mid November - copies can be signed - they make great gifts for all your skiing friends and family! Stay tuned for a new order form.
  • Good to know, Jeremy. I'll cancel my preorder and order instead from that NELSAP guy.
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