Q Burke disaster



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    Jay has what every ski area owner wants: Year-round, weatherproof resort amenities and activities. They will command a high price. 
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    thanks for posting!  I guess we need a "who will buy" thread with over/under on Powdr, Vail, Skico/Alterra whatever it is, Peak, Boyne...or perhaps an Ester Ledecka type surprise buyer.

    Is Mr. Quiros precluded from assembling a buying group?  Recalling the spaghetti diagram, I wouldn't put it past him
    Excellent idea for a thread Rick.  I've heard some rumors, which I won't spread or source, that will surprise many if they come about.  

    Reading a thread on another sight, it appears Burke has some other issues as well. (lift related).  Will they (Jay and Burke) go together or solo?  Jay's being marketed 1st from what I hear.


    Lake Hopatcong, NJ
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