Some Industry Numbers from the 2015-6 Season

Interesting thread on alpine zone on some numbers for the season

A few highlight from that thread:
Vermont Skier Days Down From 4.7 Million to 3.2 Million for 2015-2016 (32%)
The NSAA had the northeast down 28%


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    Much worse than I thought...   add to the lower skier visits, lower lodging, lower restaurant visits and people laid off...  not good at all.
    "I need a powder day"
  • Poor seasons can also carry over economic impacts. Lots of people didn't get their money's worth out of season passes, seasonal rentals, vacation packages, etc. These people may be gun shy about ponying up cash for next season. 
  • Only down 1/3 to LY is not as bad as I thought it was. A lot of folks pre-book and are committed no matter what which probably helped. I had my least amount of days since 2003 before I moved north but day trippers don't generate as much revenue as families, vacations, and resort goers. 
  • Riv, I like the glass half full attitude...much needed after this 'winter'. The previous 2 comments are spot on: it is the ripple effect 'downstream' that is brutal. If lifts are closed, lifties and patrol who would run it are SOL. Restaurants, etc got hammered, as did plow drivers, small businesses. The 'gun shy' pass buyer is also a big factor. Really need a solid winter next year.
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