Time for Summer Dreams

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I had my first skiing related dream of the summer, or should I say nightmare.

I was at some place that resembled Stratton/Mt. Tremblanet crossed with Bellayre because the base village was at mid mountain. For some reason we got there at 10am and were waiting for the lifts to open when we realized they were all already open. No one had gear so we went back to the village to get it and we went to the lifts and I forgot my skis so my friends went up and I went back. I got back with my skis and the bindings on the ski that I tore me ACL on weren't set right because I tried to adjust it after I got hurt so I could still ski. The dream ended with me waiting on a huge line to get the binding readjusted. I never got to ski.

But on the plus side there was quite the covering of snow. Odd dream indeed.
My heart bleeds for winter.


  • Sounds familiar. If I actually get to ski, the snow always melts out. If I don't get to ski there's plenty.
  • Wow, funny timing. I had a snowboarding dream last night. It's reoccuring in where I am hitting jumps in the terrain park or on the side of trails and being able to land spins like it's a walk in the park. It is an amazing feeling to have those dreams in the dead of summer. Let it snow!
  • My non-skiing friend had the following recent dream.

    My wife and I were helping her to learn to ski on a green slope that had a pond at the bottom. She was doing well but did not stop and went headfirst into the pond that was not frozen. As she went in she heard me tell my wife not to worry. A momonet later she emerged from the pond on a jet ski/snow mobile.

    BTW. She hears me talk about skiing every day at work and has no desire to learn to ski.

    Think Snow!!!
  • I had a nice trip to Peru and Ecuador last month, and got some glimpses of the spectacular high peaks of the Andes - 19,000 to 22,000 feet, snow-covered. Yesterday I enjoyed some time on Google Earth looking at and identifying some of the mountains I saw.

    So that night I found myself dreaming I was in the Andes. Then suddenly I was skiing at a nameless Eastern mountain. I was waiting for some people halfway up the mountain, so I hopped into the woods to ski some perfect powder. (In real life I can't ski woods.) I was skiing more or less horizontally, having a great time and actually wound up where I started from!
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  • Last night I dreamed I was planning to ski at Squaw Mountain, ME on Thanksgiving. (Almost the ultimate non-skiing ski dream). They were sure to be open since they have plenty of snowmaking. But somebody warned me that they would be crowded because they have only two chairlifts, a triple and a double. That sounds like a good omen for Squaw restoring the summit double, but my dreams never work as omens.
  • Do you pick wild mushrooms?   ;)

  • Geez, Rick, don't you have dreams? Aren't yours weird?

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    Yes, but I drink a lot, so I have an excuse.   

    The trip to Ecuador & Peru sounds great, both the real one and the dream!

    I've dreamed that Alpine Mountain in Pennsy was enlarged and reopened as Plattekill, only steeper.  That's pretty weird.  

    I've dreamed of riding a tram out of the visitor's center at Arches National Park.  

    I've dreamed about other ski areas but they aren't even remotely real.

    I've daydreamed about Lindsey Vonn.  Does that count?

    The Plattekill/Alpine Mountain dream is my only recurring ski-related dream.  

  • I had a great night of skiing powder at Wildcat last night. Tried to ski every run, all fresh. And made a good dent in them before......crap. But better than most dreams when I never quite get ski on snow. Hopefully a good omen for great days on my Peak pass.
  • Two nights ago I found myself at a big new British Columbia ski resort. The scenery was mediocre but there was lots of snow. I got right on a fast lift that took me up 2,000 feet. Then I farted around for half an hour trying to find a bathroom, then a trail map, then I watched some kids schussing down a 10-foot-wide icy woods trail, then fussed with my gear a while (one of my boots was missing a buckle). Then my high school skiing friend Paul showed up and told me my gear was so obsolete it would probably kill me. And before I could make up my mind which run to start down - you guessed it - I woke up.
  • I often dream about the ski area I work at. it always involves me doing some routine task making snow and somehow stumbling upon a major trail pod I never knew even existed, even though I have worked at the resort for 6 years. It a dream I have quite often. I think its a sign that my resort needs a major terrain expansion. 
  • Well never had a ski related dream or at least not one I can remember, but I did recently have one where I could levitate and fly around. It was pretty amazing.
  • ADK, is that the one where you take a flying leap and just before your feet are going to hit the ground, you pick them up and keep going? I have that one on skis occasionally.
  • Great stuff. Watching television programs must be a let-down  for some of you guys. Your dreams are better, plus no commercials.
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    ADKskier said:

    Well never had a ski related dream or at least not one I can remember, but I did recently have one where I could levitate and fly around. It was pretty amazing.

    I think I occasionally have dreams, but almost never remember them by the time I wake.  Last night I had a super rare ski dream.  I guess I was in Utah and was skiing and came to the end of a ski run and kept going onto the street.  The street was downhill and I kept skiing at a moderately high speed for two miles.  For some reason I did not have poles, but instead I was carrying a chair over my head.  It was like a dining room chair.  Then I caught a bus and there were ski instructors on it and they told me we would be arriving at Snowbasin ski area shortly.  The bottoms of my skis were not ruined from skiing on the street. 

    Maybe my dream was inspired by the fact that I hot waxed my skis last night just before going to bed??

  • Jim I know it's minor league for you but would love to personally invite you to join me for a week in the UP of mich which includes Bohemia ( aaa league)

    We know you have the time
    Maybe it would inspire a new dream
  • Actually, I am not retired yet, but working about three days per week and don't have full control over my leisure time. Thinking about fully retiring in 2019. At that point skiing in the UP or just about anywhere else might be up for consideration? :-) Keep up the good ski training with grandsons, they will keep you young!
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