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  • Warmup ahead of the SL run of the combined today.  Video here.

    Vonn got 5th!
  • A few world cup people have commented over the years that the Austrians somehow get away with skiing their course inspections, while everybody else has to sideslip or they get scolded.

    Well here's Marcel Hirscher's Instagram post that seems to prove it!  

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    Vonn, Ross, and Shiffrin withdraw from 1st Crans Montana Combined over safety issues.

    First 3 girls crashed out on the bottom pitch with Ross next to go.  Race restarted from lowered start; but one of those 3 restarts failed to finish and then the 3 Americans withdrew. A total of 14 of 62 girls DNF'd which is absolutely unheard of for a speed event.  

    3 Americans did attempt (Willes and Cook both DNF'd the SG* run and Johnson DNS the SL run)

    edit.  Crans Montana is one of the few weird SG-SL combined races.
  • I saw that on the results and was wondering what happened.

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    Mikaela won the 2nd Crans Montana combined.  Was down by 1.30 seconds after the SG and won by 0.70 seconds!

    Vonn flew off to London to be with F1 racer Lewis Hamilton per Snapchat.
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    Ladies are at Jeongseon, the 2018 speed site.  Looking like 2018 will just be worse Sochi.  Snapchats from Vonn show a WROD for the race slope with completely bare mountain sides.  At least Sochi had snow (that was rapidly melting away).

    edit: Also just noticed looking at FIS homolgations as there are only 2 routes down at Jeongseon (and one narrow twisty maintentence road)... the men and ladies will both use the same course.  Has this ever happened at an Olympics before? Usually they have their own courses, or at least as far back as 2002. I can't remember if the Nagano games were on the same course or not.
  • Hirscher finally made the math work for his 6th big globe.  The guy is a machine!  Funny thing is he could walk down Broadway and nobody would know who he is.

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    At Squaw Valley, Mikaela wins GS again (3rd GS win of year).  Now only back only by 80 on GS and up by 278 overall..
  • Mikaela wins again, clinching the SL title! That's 7 of 9 SL for those counting (other two being a 3rd and a DNQ).  Up by 245 on SL and 378 overall.
  • Interesting thing about the US Ski Team and the World Cup, we seem to have one superstar at a time, and not much depth compared to the European teams. Tamara McKinney, Phil Mahre, Bode, Lindsay, now Mikaela. We've had other champs but not World Cup contenders.
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    Agree 99.9999% with a tiny asterisk,  there was a brief period in the mid 2000s when we had Miller & Rahlves, Kildow (Vonn) & Mancuso, Koznick on her way out, Ligety on the rise. 

    That was the only period we had top three finishes in mens and womens season long team standings.

    We have real good depth in womens downhill right now, but unfortunately that's it.  Injuries are so common in that discipline, that current depth is like a house of cards. 

    Seems we always have a Tommy Moe or an AJ Kitt on hand, world-class skiers who give us one-off victories here and there.  Travis Ganong reminds me of that, except he's already doubled their career victory totals.

  • Bill Johnson was in that category to our great enjoyment.
  • mapnut said:

    Bill Johnson was in that category to our great enjoyment.

    ahhhh, I think Bill Johnson was in a category completely and utterly his own  ;)

  • Not that I was big bump fan but I always NJ bred Donna W from W Milford in the 90's
    And Street, Moe etc
  • For an all too brief period of time, Picabo Street was the best in the business. Definitely a few levels above the Tommy Moes and the Bill Johnsons.  

  • We had the Mahre twins, Billy Kidd and Jimmy Heuga and the Cochran sisters, Marilyn and Barbara. The sisters weren't at the top of the heap but they were close to it. Marilyn won the Gial Slalon World Cup one year (1969 I think).
  • And Barbara won the Olympic slalom in 1972 - by 0.01 second!
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    Marilyn Cochran won the title with no victories in the discipline, but I think she podiumed every GS race that season (or close to it)    A couple years later she started winning, retired with three victories, same as Barbara.

    With 3 each, the sisters had more victories than Tommy Moe, AJ Kitt, Kyle Rasmussen, Spider Sabich, and Billy Kidd!

  • Vonn got 2nd in the DH finals. Of the 8 WC DH races (not counting the St. Moritz WSC), she only entered half (missed first 3 due to her broken arm, and withdrew from one due to safety concerns). She podiumed on her last 3 going 1st-2nd-2nd.  Still managed 4th in the DH points!
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