Gatlinburg, TN

Fires there look to have devastated the area....have not seen report about the tram/ski area. Webcam shows glow of fires.


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    Kind of murky info coming in, News channels saying "Ober Gatlinburg Destroyed" but Ober Gatlinburg tweeted that property is ok as of 9:00 am today.  So sounds like ski area is unharmed.  A bit north in Sevierville, Dollywood ok.

    In the park, Chimney Tops on fire.    As a personal aside, cabin I rented at Black Bear Falls circa 2006 reportedly destroyed

    Don't know about the sky lift or the tram terminal, they're downtown

  • Another CNN article just out says the resort was very conflicting. We'll find out soon.
  • Ober Gatlinburg Still Standing.  Video on FB

    I fear though that downtown got hit.
    You ski because even if you don't do it well, it's still a blast....
  • I think it would take an atomic bomb to destroy that ghastly lodge.  

  • From WBIR NBC Channel 10

    Here is a list of structures and areas affected by the Gatlinburg wildfires. The list is in alphabetical order. We will continue to keep this updated as we find out more, and keep in mind that information is constantly changing as more assessments are made.

    Alamo Steakhouse: Destroyed

    Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts: All buildings except Hughes Hall and Wild Wing survived with little damage. (More info)

    Black Bear Falls: TEMA reports it was destroyed, but numerous people have contacted us to tell us that is not the case. We are working to confirm that information.

    Chalet Village: Suffered damage, but not destroyed

    CLIMB Works: Intact

    Cobbly Knob area: About 70 homes destroyed

    Cupid's Chapel of Love: Destroyed

    Dollywood: Several cabins damaged or destroyed. DreamMore resort not damaged. Dollywood park has some wind damage but no damage from fire. Park will be closed Wednesday. (More info)

    Downtown Gatlinburg: Intact

    Elkmont: Intact 

    Gatlinburg-Pittman High School: Not damaged

    Hillbilly Golf: Buildings intact, some damage to the golf course.

    LeConte Lodge: Intact

    Little Log Wedding Chapel: Intact

    Mysterious Mansion: Destroyed

    Ober Gatlinburg: Intact

    Park Vista hotel: Intact (More info)

    Parrot Mountain: Intact

    Pi Beta Phi Elementary School: Intact (Suffered some minor wind and smoke damage)

    Pittman Center Elementary School: Not damaged

    Ripley's Aquarium: Intact. Biologists at the aquarium confirm the animals are OK. (More info)

    Wear's Valley area: About 70 homes destroyed

    Westgate Resort: Several cabins damaged. Main check-in building is just a skeleton.  

    (before/after pic of Westgate below)

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    You ski because even if you don't do it well, it's still a blast....
  • Mysterious Mansion, marked as destroyed, is adjacent to the Sky Lift. 
    Possibly the lift is damaged/destroyed and that is where the mis-information started about Ober Gatlinburg.
    Living in a place where so much depends on tourism and destruction occurs, I can certainly empathize. 
    You ski because even if you don't do it well, it's still a blast....
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    Yowza.  so if downtown is ok, the only thing I can think of for the ski area is if any fire damage between town and the mountain relating to the towers.  I rode the thing but don't recall how many towers.

    Most significant thing for any of us, really, is that the LeConte Lodge wasn't damaged.  It's one of those rustic lodges/cabins in the National Park that is irreplaceable.    A lot of the crap around Gatlinburg is kind of ticky tacky and they'll slap it back together before next season.

  • Looks like the top terminal is no more. The lift appears intact, but with the fire so close I'm sure it took some heat damage.
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    Oh my!  That was one of those CNL Properties, now bundled off to some other murky entity.    Sorry no that's Boyne.

    Nevermind.  Hope they can fix the lift.

    Rented in Black Bear Falls a few years back, curious what has really happened there.

  • That's the Senic Chair. That goes to a peak that has no skiing.
  • newman said:

    That's the Senic Chair. That goes to a peak that has no skiing.

    Don't worry Boyne made enough $ off that baby since '53. Rode it a few years back iirc it was from Sugar Cal.

    How did the tram make out? And the SLI ?
  • ciscokid said:

    Don't worry Boyne made enough $ off that baby since '53. Rode it a few years back iirc it was from Sugar Cal. 

    Ha! I looked at that chair after a Gatlinburg Blue Plate Special (corn dog & funnel cake) and it looked like it went straight up, made me feel ill,. I said "pass." Family started in and I said "no way we're going on that old clunker"

    So I paid a fortune to ride the tram. Had photos on SJ 1.0

    Confirmed it was one of the CNL things, Boyne operation hasn't changed though.

  • Are we talking about two different scenic chairlifts here? There's the one that rises out of Ober Gatlinburg to a 3,400-foot peak (no skiing), and there's the Gatlinburg Sky Lift, which rises 500 feet right out of town. Sotto's photo is of the Sky Lift.  The Mysterious Mansion website has a photo of the area on fire (scroll down just a bit).
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    Yes, I took the GSL( Boyne)
    Right in town

    This is Ober

    Sky lift Boyne
  • yes there are two different scenic lifts, one up at the ski area and one in town, neither one serves ski trails.  Up at Ober Gatlinburg you'll find all sorts of things including a menagerie of bears, a pizzeria, indoor skating, a shopping mall, frontier family photos, some sort of bouncy ball thing, water park, and of course, funnel cake.

    Here's the Boyne thing downtown


    Cisco had photos of this in SJ 1.0

    Here's the tourist lift up at the ski area.  As I understand it, the lift on the left in this photo is used for skiers, and it doesn't go as high as the scenic lift.


    here's the main skiing chair lift at Ober Gatlinburg, goes looker's left from the base.  The ones above are looker's right, together the set up forms a big V shape.


    Here's the tram that connects town up to the ski mountain.


    Here's a typical old tymey photo, I think you need one of these to ride the lifts. 


  • You can drive up a public street to the top of the towns chair. Save the 15 bucks. You can see the panorama from the top on googleearth. The town also has another scenic chair that is closed but still standing. Its part of a small amusement park that closed.
  • Is that you in the washtub, rickbolger?

  • Made snow for tubing hill only. Was open last weekend.
  • They have snow magic machine for tubing. They have had it to assist with early season operations.
  • I don't think they used it this year. Not positive, however. They have used it for many years in the past.
  • Oh yah they sure did use it this fall starting in Oct.
  • Ober Gatlinburg open for skiing on Friday, December 16.
  • Always wanted to ski in the south.  Glad to hear that they are open.  Camelback PA is probably the furthest south that I have skied - to date.
  • As great as the snowfall has been in New England, it has been the opposite here in the Southeast.  With the exception of WV, we have experienced very warm temperatures throughout most of the season, limiting snowmaking.  So plan your trip next season, when things return to normal (what ever that is).
    It's been a very tough season here in Gatlinburg as a result of the warm temperatures, little natural snowfall, and the continuing perception that the wildfires burned everything to the ground.  We are grateful to be able to use Sno-Magic to keep us going.
  • That's a discouraging report, skipro77.  

    A few Thanksgivings ago my son and I got over to Sugar Mountain while we were celebrating the holidays with family nearby.  Had a great day there and liked both the runs and the views (except that godforsaken mountaintop highrise monstrosity).  I've checked the webcams at Beech, Sugar and others this season and hoped that I just picked poor days.  It looks as though the prolonged cold stretches we had in mid-December and early January in the central Mid-Atlantic didn't do as much for the SEast.

    Have you skied at all in the region, or had to go at least as far as WV for your skiing?

    Here's to a snowy March!

  • Spent a couple of days at Snowshoe in January.  I skied both days in the rain, my wife never went out.  I've not been able to get out anywhere else other than here at G'burg.  Overall a very disappointing season.
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