Tenney Mountain Update (OPEN FOR SKIING!!!)



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    Hey I like this guy's optimism!  Afraid he's gonna get his knees bloodied a bit, for example after they make thousands of dollars worth of snow and then we get a January blowtorch, but let's hope that doesn't diminish his positive outlook too much.

    Think those plans for the snowmobile route, the upper mountain, etc. all good.  I only skied Tenney once but definitely looking forward to skiing it again.  As an intermediate skier I absolutely loved it

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  • So Newpylong, he did mention redeveloping that summit trail pod, and in 10 years a major expansion with land acquisition, two major lifts and a new lodge. Let's help this non-skier out in the Design Challenge thread.
  • So Newpylong, he did mention redeveloping that summit trail pod, and in 10 years a major expansion with land acquisition, two major lifts and a new lodge. Let's help this non-skier out in the Design Challenge thread.
    So where dah maps?

    It would be nice to have some property bounds and a budget of sorts.
  • TENNEY - Progress Update

    Eclipse / Test Ride (inspection)

    Well after years of being idle, the Eclipse has been upgraded and now safe enough to one passenger today!

    Next month we will be conducting a final load test and we will post the exact date and time for all interested parties to watch live.

    Tim Pfister and his team has done an amazing detailed rebuilt and retrofit of this entire system including all the electronics!

    Outstanding job TEAM Pfister Mountain Services!

    - Sam
  • TENNEY - Progress Update

    Eclipse / Trillium / Erosion Management

    This past week the team has been correcting some issues on the top of the Trillium trail.

    This was the worst of all our erosion issues plus a bridge wash out.

    After 8 plus years of damage, this has finally been fixed correctly with the proper civil engineering.

    It's amazing how a little water can cause done much damaged over the years.

    I'll post some before and after still pictures shortly.

    - Sam
  • TENNEY - Progress Update

    Trillium Bridge / Rebuild

    Keeping expenses in check we decided to use as much of the indigenous materials we could find.

    The civil engineers were clever and identified 10 large oaks that were damaged and laying around. With the assistance of Mr. Hank Binney's saw mill, the team sawed flats at each end of the logs allowing them to sit properly at each end of the headway supports.

    Later, two layers of 2" inch oak rough cut boards will be applied as bridge decking.

    This bridge is a much better way of supporting the water flow than placing a 3 or 4 foot pipe. It ensures proper flow without any restrictions.

    Great and safe engineering solutions always at TENNEY!

    - Sam
  • TENNEY- Progress Update

    Tubing Park / Lighting

    Working tonight on getting trails #1 and #2 (This Way, That Way) lit back up.

    Can't believe how bright these bulbs are. 3 of the units wiring was destroyed and 2 units on trail #2 are burnt out.

    The hardest part is getting up on these towers and adjusting these massive rusty units.

    TENNEY will definitely have tubing and night skiing... Another task checked off the list!!!

    - Sam
  • TENNEY - Progress Update

    Trillium Bridge / Repair

    Today the team is broken into four groups.

    Team one is removing all the original deck supports on the Trillium bridge. Then they will install the 20 Oak supports and fix them in place.

    Later they will add the top deck planking and grade off the surface.

    The rest of the teams are focused on the Kitchen, Tubing Park, Main Eclipse Terminal (preparing for paint this weekend) and gather pump diesel motor data for DES permitting.

    Busy day in the rain so maximum productivity is a must.

    Time is TENNEY's only enemy! All other threats are queued for legal action...

    - Sam
  • TENNEY - Progress Updates

    Eclipse / Main Terminal / Slip Grip / Testing

    Team Pfister Mountain Services is really one hell of a dedicated group.

    It's cold, raining and 19:00 and very dark and these guys are here doing a final slip grip test on all the chairs (115 of them) on the Eclipse Lift.

    We always preach safety first at TENNEY and its Engineering Service teams like Pfisters that does what it takes to ensure every piece of equipment is 100% tested and certified.

    As Tim Pfister always says, "There're no shortcuts when it comes to doing it right, no second chances and there is no price to great when it comes safety"!

    Once this task is completed, John Russo's team will be replacing 60% of the chair slats and replacing all the fastening hardware and bungee cables that hold the slats and cushions on each chair. Years of weathering has destroyed the original wood and fastening systems.

    Another great example of safety first and simple engineering maintenance at TENNEY.

    Go TEAM TENNEY, well done all!

    - Sam
  • Hey I like this guy's optimism!  Afraid he's gonna get his knees bloodied a bit, for example after they make thousands of dollars worth of snow and then we get a January blowtorch, but let's hope that doesn't diminish his positive outlook too much.

    Think those plans for the snowmobile route, the upper mountain, etc. all good.  I only skied Tenney once but definitely looking forward to skiing it again.  As an intermediate skier I absolutely loved it

    I still feel like this is an insane rebirth doomed to fail, but I'm feeling some love for these guys too.  I have no interest in being proven right on this, I hope I'm wrong.
  • TENNEY - Progress Update

    Eclipse / Main Terminal / Painted

    So it's end of day and the complete terminal is fully painted.

    10 gallons of paint plus 1 quart of Japan Dryer to accelerate drying time.

    Take notice to detail around the base for safety and insurance reasons.

    Hank and TEAM TENNEY completes another task, now onto the Hornet a next week...

    - Sam
  • TENNEY - Progress Update

    Eclipse / Communications Cable

    Today Tim and his team started to install the final large scale task left on the Eclipse which is the communications cable.

    This new cable was required because it's part of the new digital control overhaul.

    It's main function is to tie in all the tower / hail cable sensors in case of a cable derailment... It also provides emergency service and standard operations communication to the top lift shack.

    It was s great day to run this cable... Hopefully most of the individual tower work will get completed today as well.

    Today we also learned whilst Tim's team was running this comm cable the dangers of not cutting the saplings on the trails low enough. They become very dangerous weapons sticking up 6 to 8 inches if you fail on them so we have to readdress a few locations where the trails were hand cut this week.

    - Sam
  • TENNEY - Progress Update

    Water Sourcing / Mountain Side South

    After the enormous amount of work opening up the culverts on the Northern part of the Mountain Side development, the team refocused their efforts on the Southern loop.

    This culvert was wiped out and choked from years of debris that collected and forced waters down another natural path into the woods. It then got compounded by faulty unauthorized civil engineering work that was performed by a group we since dismissed for their lack of experience and business ethics.

    We then cleared out this culvert which serves multiple purposes but the most important two are; A) Directly recharging the snow pond and B) Stopping the erosion that was washing into the TB2 development...

    This was an amazing amount of work to put everything back into the original civil engineering design from the early 1990's. Mission completed and as you can see in the video, all waters are flowing properly again.

    - Sam
  • TENNEY - Progress Update

    Snow Pond / Working

    This quick clip showIng the TENNEY snow pond at its maximum capacity of roughly 6.5million gallons.

    This is an Engineered pond design specifically for the purpose of snow making. Neglect over the years caused this pond to have multiple issues. We corrected most but the pond does have some sediment issues caused by poor environmental practices from third party contractors in the recent years. Next spring we'll correct and address the sediment issue which will yield us an addition 300,000 gallons of water per my estimation.

    We shall be monitoring the flow and sharing the data with all soon.

    Great job team TENNEY as usual!

    - Sam
  • The work Mike is doing and his forthrightness is so refreshing. I think this group may be turning a lump of coal into a diamond of an area, especially if his business plan and five-year plan execute beyond point. The Tenney community is blessed to have such a hard-working, detail-oriented person in their corner.
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    I agree - and I told that to Mr. Bouchard when I met him.  I have history here and I am rooting for him.

    However, and I am not trying to be a naysayer, his lack of experience in the ski industry may be clouding his judgment when it comes to evaluating the amount of water that he has available.  With his recent videos, he has somewhat proclaimed victory over water issues, even intimating in his posts that those that came before him were uninformed or not skilled enough to evaluate the problem.  What I think he does not understand, and I can't believe that this has not been discussed more, is what happens when he is trying to get his mountain open (particularly next year when the whole mountain is to be opened) and his pond dries up in the middle of a 5 day cold snap, and it takes his small pond 5 days to recharge (and he misses the window). The small pond is what Tenney's problem is, and always has been......and, while there is plenty of water flowing down Tenney in 70 degree weather, I'll bet everyone on this site knows what happens when the temps fall into the 20s or below and the ground freezes up..........that water flow slows - sometimes dramatically.  Maybe he has a plan for that or maybe not.  I just think it is naive of him to believe that simply cleaning out his culverts solves his problem.

    Everything else that he has done has been tremendous and just what Tenney needed......someone with resources.  But it didn't take long for the discussion to start about development, housing lots, restaurants, village, long term plans, etc.  Let's see the mountain get up and running, how many of his 'supporters' choose to call Tenney 'home,' and whether that business can be sustainable, before we anoint Tenney as the next Steamboat.....
  • I definitely have not seen a recharge rate in the videos he's posted that would stay that way when things get cold. He will be fine this year at 1100 GPM but if he doubles that next year to say 2500 GPM, the pond will be empty in less than 2 days assuming no recharge at all.

    I think he's going to need to find a way to get more water in it quicker. Thankfully he seems like the guy to do it. Unfortunately from what I remember there are zero large bodies of water or even rivers to draw from and boost into the pond? What about the "gorge", does that flow well in winter? Have heard about it but don't remember it.
  • It does flow but more of a trickle in the coldest times and I have even seen it dry but not often. That could have been remedied by the work done on the upper part of the stream time will tell. As for other water resources in the area the Baker is not very far away say 3-4 miles and their is a smaller river across rt.3 about a mile away that flows real good all winter. Back in the late 80's or early 90's the owners back then tried to get approval for a pipe to draw from Newfound lake and also purpose it for as a fire line along rt.3. Not sure how far that permitting got.
  • Maybe he's aware of this risk and plans a second pond in the coming year? I'm no expert on these matters but he seems to have an eye for and understanding of water flow as well as the ability to plan ahead and analyze risk. To me it's sensible to start with snowmaking on the trails served by the triple, gain resort management experience, and see just how the mountain behaves in the winter.
  • He has no choice but to do that really...

    Remski, thanks for the info.
  • TENNEY - Progress Update

    Eclipse / Communications Wiring

    TEAM Pfister and staff have made this project a work of art only an engineer would love! The amount of attention to detail from color coordinated wiring to clever symmetrical conduit radius bends is simply amazing.

    As you can see, the new safety systems are being hung in highly visible access points for safety reasons obviously.

    Just its appearance and neatness screams quality and projects a sense of security knowing that you will be safe and in good hands on this refitted lift.

    Tim Pfister always says, "If it doesn't look neat, expensive and or freshly painted, then it's probably not safe"! lol

    Great Job TEAM Pfister... Now hurry up and get the Hornet finished by next week too!

    - Sam
  • TENNEY - Progress Update

    Hornet / Gouge / Safety Fence

    Hank today zipped around and got all the post holes drilled out before the ground frost set in.

    For safety reasons, we have to install a bunch of fencing to protect folks from skiing off into the gouge and or being hit by lift chairs...

    We all hate the warm weather but it did allow for us to get these last little bits of detail completed!

    - Sam
  • TENNEY - Progress Update

    Eclipse / Comm & Safety Wiring

    72 hours later and TEAM Pfister is still at it. These guys have been working around the clock literally getting this lift ready for final inspection.

    This week is the magical week for load testing... The day is not nailed down because we are at the mercy of the Tram Board's schedule HOWEVER it will be taking place this week.

    Lots of footage and pictures will be taken of the event in case last minute arrangements can't be achieved.

    Below is a 2 minute video which is at night and shows the dedication of all TEAMs involved in getting this massive task completed...

    - Sam
  • TENNEY - Progress Update

    Eclipse / Snow Plumbing

    Preparing for load testing!

    So all day right into this evening, TEAM TENNEY lead by President John Russo, charged the entire outside loop of the Eclipse system. And to our surprise, only two issues. One complete break about 12-13 inches long at the bottom of the terrain / snow board park and the other is a missing valve body midway up the mountain... Extremely easy fixes and we will be on our way tomorrow filling boxes of water on the Eclipse which is for simulating people's weight.

    In the background you can see TEAM Pfister doing some last minute tweaks prior to load testing.

    Lots going on and all very exciting as we prepare taking TENNEY from a "defunctional" state back to a "functional" state...

    Oh boy, this is it! It all comes down to these next couple of days! It's all about the lift certification and we are all very confident we will have zero issues other than a few trail signage and fencing placement issues...

    Watch the next few post, they will explain in much more detail our challenges and roll out plans...

    - Sam
  • It has been neat following the details of Tenney's coming back to life. Thanks Mike for the videos w/ commentary and Sam for linking them here.

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    The break in the terrain park / lower Eclipse water loop is interesting because I thought he showed that line charged back in the fall with their smaller pump. Hopefully they aren't going to have to play wack a mole this winter. Blow outs can take the wind out of your sails quick.

    Hoping I get a chance to get over there this year.
  • TENNEY - Load Test Continued

    Eclipse / Load Test / High Speed Stop

    This video shows one of many series of high speed braking test...

    Test are conducted over and over again individually to allow for fine tuning of multiple braking system. Each system is singled out by disabling its adjacent backup system and then run and dialed in to its minimum and maximum performance specifications.

    Then the entire system is tested as a whole at maximum stresses / loads.

    This video clip show one such high speed forward stop test.

    - Sam
  • TENNEY - Load Test Continued

    First roll back test...

    The anticipation is killing us all leading up to this atomic bore of an event!

    But like Tim Pfister always says, "If it was exciting, then something is terribly wrong"!

    How true that statement is and as you can see from the clip, our Eclipse preformed so well that if you don't pay attention, you will miss the entire test!

    So what's taking place is a fully simulated loaded lift and we will force it into an all out power and primary service brake failure... The shim brake kicks in nicely and extremely quick...

    Uneventful yes, but extremely safe yes!

    Another task checked off... Onto the next... Go TEAM TENNEY!

    - Sam
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