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    Same fan guns, some HKD Standard towers plus whatever other junk the previous owner had (in the trees, heh).
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    Tenney is now off of the "lost" section of the NH NELSAP page!
    - Sam
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    Tenney is now off of the "lost" section of the NH NELSAP page!

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    Yes JD is back! Now IMHO the Balsams needs to be added and Ascutney taken off and left on all at the same time.
    I'm sure there is quite a backlog over at NELSAP.
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    OT but supposedly The Balsams purchase agreements are to be distributed in a couple months.
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    obienick said:

    OT but supposedly The Balsams purchase agreements are to be distributed in a couple months.

    This will make it the sixth season in a row The Balsams has been closed. If that doesn't qualify it for NELSAPBMRS (ButMightReopenSomeday) I just don't know what does.
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    It's a go! Tenney has unofficially announced their tentative opening date as December 26 or sooner! :)]
    - Sam
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    Hey that's fantastic, thanks for the info!!!

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    Visited Tenney today on my way home from Cannon. Its just a few miles off I-93, easy to get to, GPS got me to it. The last few hundred yards of road are rough, but worth the trip. Approaching the ski area is like the time machine other discussions have been hitting on. Nice neat ski area with a couple of classic lifts that look much cleaner than many their ages elsewhere. The first person I met was "Mike from Tenney" who is as pleasant in person as he sounds on the Facebook feeds. I got a quick tour of the base lodge which fits the 'Back to the Future' concept to a 'T' , its not tremendous but will handle a fair amount of traffic comfortably with all the basic amenities. Café, Bar, clean modern restrooms and a deck they can serve beer on edging on to the slope.

    Looks like a great place for a 'retro' day with lift prices that are supposed to be retro as well. 

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    12/29/2016 post on their FBook page it says they are close to a soft opening and it also says a lot more.

    "....we are that close to accomplishing our third phase goal of a soft / limited opening. (Limited: Meaning no day care, ski rental will be coordinated in advance with Plymouth Ski & Skate and ski lessons by reservation only)....."

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    I have skinned up/ridden it the last couple of days - conditions are SUPER fun!!!   I really regret I never got to ride/ski it in my younger days!!!!!   There were a few people on the summit as well when I got there yesterday.   He has groomed out several routes up/down to the top terminal of the Hornet Double (didn't check the other chair).   
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    Mountain owner says ski area is close to a ‘limited opening’


    Monitor Staff

    Sunday, January 01, 2017

    EDITOR’S NOTE: This story has been edited
    to add mention of Pinnacle Mountain near Keene, which closed in 1977 and
    reopened in 2003 as Granite Gorge.

    The best snowfall in almost two years has the
    Plymouth area ready for the long-awaited reopening of Tenney Mountain Ski Area,
    but the owner is asking them to be patient a little longer.

    “The mountain has been groomed a few times and
    the tubing park carved out. We got a thumbs up from state public safety
    department, less a few operation procedural verifications that can be taken
    care of in a day. We have been preaching safety from day one and what’s left is
    a few technical and legal issues, period!!!” Michael Bouchard wrote Thursday in
    a post on the ski area’s Facebook page.

    Bouchard wrote that the area is close to a
    “limited opening” on part of the mountain, but no official date has been

    “The mountain has been off-line for seven
    years and a few more weeks won’t kill anyone,” he wrote.

    It is unusual but not unknown for a ski area
    to reopen after being closed for years. The most prominent example in New
    Hampshire is Crotched Mountain in Francestown, which was shut for 13 years
    before it reopened in 2003 after being bought by Missouri-based Peak Resorts.
    That required basically rebuilding the entire resort, including cutting new
    trails and building an entirely new lodge.

    In Roxbury, Pinnacle Mountain closed in 1977
    and reopened in 2003 as Granite Gorge, while in Enfield, Whaleback Ski
    Area reopened in 2005 after being closed for three years. It almost closed
    again in 2013 but is now owned by a nonprofit group, the Upper Valley Snow
    Sports Association.

    And this month New Hampshire saw a surprise
    entry into its list of ski areas with the opening of the tiny Gateway Hills
    Snow Park in Nashua, near the Massachusetts state line. It is so small that it
    has just one “magic carpet” to transport skiers up the hill.

    The rebirth of Tenney Mountain Ski Area is of
    huge interest in Plymouth and surrounding towns, where its long status as the
    local resort means that thousands of locals learned to ski there, and have
    avidly followed Bouchard’s attempts to resurrect it.

    Tenney Mountain Ski Area dates to 1960. It
    flourished for years but hit roadblocks in the 1980s, compounded by financial
    problems involved with grandiose plans for nearby condominiums. It then went
    through four owners, including a Japanese company, before shutting down in

    In 2014, Bouchard, a physicist who co-founded
    an engineering firm in Nashua, bought 900 acres on the mountain, including the
    ski area, for a reported $1.2 million.

    Bouchard says he was interested in the mineral
    rights but was persuaded that it would be worthwhile to reopen the ski area as
    a first step for a long-term business plan involving more housing and
    businesses on the property, with frontage along Route 3A. Bouchard had never
    skied when he bought the area.

    Bouchard says he and investors have spent some
    $4 million on upgrades since then. The ski area’s Facebook page has detailed
    the process extensively, showing bad news like frozen fan guns, flooded rooms
    and drainage projects gone awry, as well as good news like restarting the
    chairlifts and starting snowmaking after more than half a decade.

    The business plan has been complicated by a
    contract dispute with former chief operating officer Keith Fitzgerald that led
    to dueling lawsuits being considered in Belknap County Superior Court.

    (David Brooks can be reached at 369-3313 or
    dbrooks@cmonitor.com or on Twitter @GraniteGeek.)

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    According to their Facebook page the Hornet will now run at 525 fpm.
    - Sam
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    If and when he tosses a carpet on it. Can't load revenue customers that fast without one.
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