Blowtorch #1

lotsoskiinglotsoskiing expert
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Wow...Sunday, 55 degrees and pouring in CVT...

This will hurt. Good thing it ends this evening and we get back to better temps for snowmaking. What a Saturday it was, though!


  • mtsnow123mtsnow123 advanced
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    I can only imagine surfaces on non-groomed trails Monday morning. Fingers crossed for a lot of natural snow this week. After such a fantastic start to the season, I knew it was too good to be true. Riding Stowe yesterday was magical. Mid-season conditions, the woods were riding great with the more than 4 foot they got in the past few weeks.
  • riverc0ilriverc0il advanced
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    Keep in mind we are already WAY ahead of average. And tomorrow, we'll still be well ahead of average still. There will be some loss to our significantly above average snowpack... but it is already below freezing again up here and all that wet snow is locking up solid providing a rock solid base that we need to build on. 
  • lotsoskiinglotsoskiing expert
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    20 degrees now and blowing like crazy. I imagine guns are on all over the region.

    amazing swing. 6 below on Friday morning, 55 today, close to zero tonight

    Agreed on snow inventory. Fingers crossed the holiday week is good.
  • joshua_segaljoshua_segal expert
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    High at CM  was mid-40s.  Major damage was limited to the natural snow terrain that had been open.  Between snowmaking and grooming, things should be healed by tomorrow.
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