Aspen, Whistler, Killington...and now, at $3.18 BILLION...East Rutherford

Back in the news again...

The Big Q is a piker compared to how we make money disappear here in New Jersey.  We don't need any paltry EB-5 funding!

EAST RUTHERFORD — American Dream has teamed up with a big name in the mountain industry known for its partnerships with famous resorts such as Aspen, Whistler and Killington to bring year-round ski-town life to North Jersey.

The developers of the long-stalled Meadowlands project, Triple Five, announced Monday that Snow Operating will run "Big SNOW America," a 12-story indoor ski and snowboard park in East Rutherford.

Featuring lessons, ski chalets, and an "après ski lounge," the resort promises to offer a "guest experience like no other."

The project total cost is estimated to come in at roughly $3.18 billion

The 180,000 square-foot facility will be surrounded by a number of alpine retail stores selling ski and snowboarding equipment and accessories dubbed "The Shops @ Big SNOW."

Snow tubing, indoor snow play and an event space will also be offered. 

Snow Operating also works with Mountain Creek in Vernon as well as a few Pennsylvania resorts, such as Camelback, Hidden Valley and Blue Mountain.

"Big SNOW America together with our indoor DreamWorks waterpark, theme park and other first class attractions is what will make American Dream a true destination for locals and tourists alike," said Don Ghermezian, the president of Triple Five.  

The American Dream has already recruited a number of businesses and entertainment options to fill its directory. Over the last year, businesses such as Lego Land, an aquarium, a '4D' dine-in movie theater and a series of restaurants and retailers have announced they will join the project. 

The complex has experienced some recent delays over a bond offering, however the developer still expects the $3-billion mega-mall to open in 2017.


  • "Big" name?  I've never heard of Big SNOW America.  What do they do?
  • Oh it's a big name.  Big!  If the publicist says it convincingly and politicians nod along, the reporter will dutifully report it.  This is Jersey...we don't have anything like around here, we have gaudy catering facilities and beauty salons.

  • Christie would have been better off squashing that thing than the train tunnel to NYC.

    I don't care how much they spend, it's still one of the ugliest buildings I've ever seen.


    American Dream.jpg
    600 x 576 - 129K
  • Pffft. 12 stories.

    They should re-purpose the Revel in AC. 57 stories and 700 vertical. Now we're talkin....
    You ski because even if you don't do it well, it's still a blast....
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    A 2-track tunnel to a new 6-track station in NYC completely segregated from Penn Station so you could only have 18 trains or so an hour with no possible Amtrak service or no connection to NJTransit's yard in Queens.  It was a brilliant plan!!

    The Amtrak Gateway plan is far better.

    To be frank, the "people's right" to a one-seat ride  to NYC and their "right" to a one-mode transfer at Secacus has completely destroyed the Northeast Corridor.  There is now overcrowding in the tunnels and that has led to massive delays if anything ever goes wrong in the slightest bit.  And Newark Penn Station -- with all its tracks -- no longer can act as the holding point that it has served for over 100 years allowing all trains north can go straight to NYP without delay.

    But yes.  It is ugly.  Gaudy is an understatement when talking about Xanadoo/American Dream/whatever it'll be called tomorrow.
  • Wow, I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue... this is beyond nuts...
  • this is beyond nuts...

    If "routine" is what you find when you go beyond nuts in the Garden State, then yes you are correct.  

    In typical fashion, the overwhelming majority of Jerseyans have no idea what the status of this is, nor how much public money has vanished in this madness. 

  • The complex has experienced some recent delays over a bond offering, however the developer still expects the $3-billion mega-mall to open in 2017.
    2017, 2019, 2027??? 
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