Man sent prison in Boyn Highlands fire

It doesn't fix the damage to the resort or the people who were injured, but at least he is going to prison.


  • thanks for follow up posting.  From what I've heard, this guy was bound for prison or a bad end sooner or later.   Blood/alc level was 0.16, he had also taken Adderall and Molly (I don't know what they are but I doubt they're vitamins) and admitted to having acid in his room.  

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    Adderall is an amphetamine stimulant prescribed to individuals with ADHD. However, it is often abused on college campuses for the purposes of getting your work done, especially around midterms and finals.  Molly is also known as MDMA or ecstasy.  

    I am always suspicious when drugs are mentioned in relation to police reports. Police tend to be unnecessarily over inclusive (e.g. drug test detects metabolites of X and thus you were on X regardless of how long those metabolites may remain behind) and media is not the best either at critical thinking. For an extreme example, you could have a beer or two, be perfectly under the limit, and get rear ended at a stop light, and in the accident report, police will cite alcohol as a cause regardless. 

    I have friends who have done molly. It is my understanding it not something to make you start burning buildings down. It is often used before clubbing or partaking in "adult recreational activities". Then again, anytime you mix anything (as the guy was twice the legal limit with alcohol) weird things can happen.  Acid is, however, something that certainly can drive one to burning a building down if they are on a bad trip.  I don't think it is common to test for acid.


    For those who didn't read the full article and are surprised by 13+ years, he also assaulted a security officer with a fire extinguisher.

    The sad thing is that often people abusing alcohol and other drugs are doing so in self medication... they're people who really need mental healthcare rather than prison.  It is quite possible this is the case here and if so, it is unfortunate he won't get the help help he needs and will just come out in 13+ years unemployable and will just continue the visious cycle.
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