Lost T-bar at Chantecler


  • Wonder if that lift was a Poma t-bar. The summit terminal looks like it has Poma build cross bars.
  • Hmmm I'm feeling a disturbance in the Force. Yes I see. CLSAP or QLSAP 1st edition out soon.
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  • Thanks for posting this item.  Although this T-Bar was, I believe, replaced by a Poma platter lift to the side of the Quad on Mt. #1 (skiers left) in my day.  My wife and I really enjoyed staying and skiing at Hotel Chantecler during the 1990's/early 2000's when the lift at the hotel Mt. #1 was running and the "Clothesline" lift connecting Mountain 1 to Mountain 4 was also in operation.  I do not remember any lifts or trails on Mt. #2 or #3 except for La Randonee (appropriately named) which was a long flat ride to the base of #4.  Skiing and staying there was fun.  They also offered sleigh rides and the dining room had great views of a small lake and town.  The food was also very good and they had reasonably priced package deals.

    Anyway, I haven't been up there for ten or twelve years and have heard that the lift on Mt. #1 is not operating so the hotel is not slopeside anymore.  The larger Mt. #4 is still open and that always had their best skiing by far but it was nice to be slopeside with full breakfast buffet and Quebecois style dinner.  Has anyone been there lately?  I would imagine that some of the smaller Laurentian areas are struggling to survive in the shadow of giant Mont Tremblant. 
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