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  • It is a two step process:  First upload, then insert.  Posters must simply remember to click INSERT IMAGE after uploading an image.   Any questions, see the GREETINGS link in the menu.  Example below. meanwhile the images have been inserted in the…
  • When was the XC one up? I missed that one. image name relates to usage
  • that most infamous "guess the ski area" from 1.0
  • The three photos above are very nice unfortunately they are 4 MB each.  Please resize (reduce) images such as these prior to uploading.  Thank you!
  • Yes it saves our bandwidth, but swipes theirs!     By all means, please post here.  If it is at all possible to reduce to about 800 pixels wide before posting, it dramatically reduces file size and we really won't feel it if you then hotlink to SJ p…
  • If you can please keep the file size down, that would be appreciated. Resize width to 800 px and should have no problem. Bandwidth refers to the amount of data transferred from a web site to a user's computer. When you view a web page, you are usi…
  • If someone mistakenly or purposefully tried to reset your password there should be a message sent to your email.  That message references a "token."    A token is a piece of data created by the software that runs the site, contains information to id…
  • researching
  • I got 2/3's of the article to fit 2.0 Unfortunately when you copy a formatted article you are copying and pasting gobs of code. The character count is exceeded. If you click on the button to the left of the smiley you will see all the code. If y…
  • Please go to your account settings and go into notification preferences.  Uncheck anything in the e-mail column.  If the problem persists, post again to this thread, we'll get a bigger boat.
  • Default is 8000. Problem is copy & paste from other sites collects all of the html code along with desired text.  Adds up quickly.   Example, you copy and paste this headline from the newsletter: NEWSLETTER10 Characters?  Here's t…
  • Interesting; liftopia could be used in that fashion. bulk of proceeds could go to small community tows or adaptive. Very small percentage may eventually be needed for server storage. But not needed yet.
  • any how to use questions click on greetings please
  • Whaleback donation link added to greetings
  • Fantastic! Please click the greetings link above and scroll down to "how to donate".
  • Come on people, give him, her, it  them a break.They wouldn't have done a private registration, etc... if they wanted everyone to know and be up in their faces. thank you No baggage and I genuinely hope to keep it that way. Please
  • test it now
  • egxcellent report super photos testing move to trip reports hope u don't mind