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  • I think the trail system is called Crosstown because of Crosstown rd and the Valley trail is one of the trails in the system.
  • I think Whiteface is about 4 or 500 feet below the actual summit.
  • Mt Tom, 750' of vertical drop right off 1-91. Close to Springfield/Hartford. Liked it better than most of what Connecticut has to offer skiing wise. They would probably have more business now with MGM in town in Springfield. Just curious, can you …
  • skirick, do you remember when Ho Jo's in the Ravine did serve sandwiches? They also used to serve what they called Tuck's Punch, a sort of cool-aide that changed color depending on the color of the stuff they mixed with water. It often was yellow o…
  • Ho Jo's at Tucks. They don't serve food or alcohol, water is available (serve yourself), limited outdoor seating only, definitely has character and you can't beat the view!
  • I agree with powderstud, I'm at the age (60) where I don't recover from an injury like I did when it was younger. I love glades but one wrong move or caught edge can ruin the rest of my season if not worse. It's just not worth it anymore for me to …
  • I'd think no worse than indoor ice rinks there and south of the Mason-Dixon line, energy-wise. True. And those always seem like a terrible waste to me. Hey they could build an ice rink next to it and use the Zamboni shavings for snow!
  • Most of the stuff listed above is novice terrain. Low end novice, but novice just the same. You really want beginners negotiating Sunway, Tuckerbrook, Hunter One, etc? I think the j-bar at Burke is an excellent beginner area. Bear Cub at Gore.…
  • Hunter One. Nice pod with multiple lifts that keeps the advanced skiers away. Rentals are right there also and off to the side of the main lodge. The only problem is where to go from there? Hunter is trying to solve that with the expansion of Hunte…
  • I think it's a stretch to say that transfer lifts are not used for skiing but while we are at it, how about the Snowbird tunnel/carpet to Mineral Basin.
  • I would much rather use a live large tree rather than a hidden, possibly rotten log in the ground.
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  • Really the only way to get to the new pod other than from H west would be Belt Parkway or White Cloud, both of which are intermediate trails. There is no novice terrain from the summit.
  • I believe they wanted a lift dedicated to intermediate terrain. Plus, they probably couldn't build any additional trails from the summit to the new lifts' top station to accommodate any increase in intermediate/novice skier traffic to the summit. …
  • Sugarbush uses eyelets and cables at the top of Steins, Organgrinder and Ripcord. Yes but what are those "eyelets" anchored too? I believe concrete encased winch poles (or some such other man-made structure) and not trees.... They're always bur…
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  • It's funny, they just disappeared and I totally forgot about them. May its that they were most useful on doubles, but when you starting getting triples, quads and now six packs, they just figured its not fair for the inside people?
  • It was Hollywood snow conditions. Everyone was looking good! I wish I had made it over to Castlerock to ski ME and CR when it was groomed. I actually had someone complain that they were groomed because it made the lift lines longer!  :-/ Related …
  • Grooming Castlerock AND Middle Earth tonight....  How often do they groom anything at Castlerock?
  • Still the most memorable run of my 50+ years of skiing: 2-ft of Champagne powder.  It was 1975.  I arrived at the top of Castlerock just as the patrolman dropped the rope on Rumble.  In retrospect, I suspect he was pissed that I beat him to it! So…
  • Wow great report and pic's. still looks like there's plenty of snow up there. None of the three times we went up there this time of the year could we ski much more than 1/2 way back down on the Sherbie.
  • Idk, it's just hard to imagine 1000' of vert from that intersection which seems like at least 1/3 if not 1/2 way down the mountain.
  • If you are talking about fences made of wood along the side of Westway and other trails, they are to stop falling skiers. No, the staggered sections of fence near the top that run across the trail. They look like wind breaks or avy  guards, But t…
  • Love Cannon! About the wide open trails, i'm trying to figure out if the fences at the top of Westway do anything. I've seen it after a storm and other than some snow piled up behind them, they seem like a waste of money.
  • Not exactly the same but the tunnel over at Snowbird is pretty neat it you get the chance to go through it. Its kind of set up like a mining museum.
  • There was an issue with the gate house quad last week when I was there. Maybe it happened again. Perhaps that was it.  What was the issue? Not sure, in the morning they said that they were waiting for a part and it would be late opening, but arou…
  • There was an issue with the gate house quad last week when I was there. Maybe it happened again.
  • I think the idea is to get more novice/intermediate runs from the summit. Right now they really only have two and one might be considered a hard intermediate. You would think a lift line run would be more of a challenge but that area of the mountain…
  • Sorry, the link didn't go with it
  • Wow, they skied a downhill on the Taft Slalom trail?
  • A skier's mountain, and hopefully it stays that way!
  • Isn't the Cannonball chair at Cannon like that at the top, unless it's bam booed off?