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  • Go to the topo. Base elevation 800, summit elevation 1100. One of the sites gives the summit elevation as 1250. The crest of the ridge well above the lifts isn't even that high.
  • Montebedi and I skied Mt. Peter a few years ago. The vertical is only 300 feet, but there's one wide slope with steep pitch where you can make some turns. I'd guess the quad chair is replacing the side-by-side doubles on that slope, which has the ma…
  • According to a link in the Blandford thread, the selling price was only $1.3 million.
    in Blue Knob Sold Comment by mapnut July 21
  • Here are some construction photos of the Belleayre gondola.'m not keen on it but will probably ride it once or twice. It will take a 3,000-foot trail dropping only 400 vertical f…
  • Well, maybe Middletown, CT could use more things to do. The reason Powder Ridge is looking into it is because they are co-owned, if I'm not mistaken, with the Brownstone Exploration and Discovery Park, 7 miles away in Portland, CT. They advertise "A…
  • You mean Box as in an anti-gridlock box? That's in keeping with the City street names.
  • I see on the current map that none of the Nordic or biking trails cross the old ski slopes. However on aerial photos the trails look completely overgrown. But this would be an ideal project for another Surface Lift! The old ski area T-bar was fast a…
  • My father's skis which I used my first season pre-dated 1958. At least there were metal toe-plates that held the hard-toed boots firmly. A more advanced skier than I was could definitely have a great day at Mt. Snow, Bromley or Stowe on those skis.
  • Stratton, at least, wasn't begun in 1959.
  • Some new trails and glades!  Good to hear no lift/building damage Seriously, on their Facebook page, Shawnee says they may get a new glade, and call it "Twister"! Sort of the opposite of the Unexpected Trail Names topic.
  • Those would hardly be unexpected.
  • At Belleayre, "Lift Line Glade" under the Tomahawk quad chair isn't a glade - it's an unimproved, rocky and cliffy, seldom-skied liftline with no trees at all, but a lot of brush. Similarly, Big T Glade is an old T-bar line, no trees. Sorry if that'…
  • Has there been a tornado in New England that didn't  hit a ski area?
  • I wonder if setting the capacity at 1500/hour is intended to accommodate a faster line speed, or a conveyor loader.
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  • I think that video fell short of its claim. Sledhaulingmedic could clearly be seen getting off the T-bar with an entire intact éclair; therefore he did not actually eat it while riding! (Maybe it was frozen.) So we still have a challenge for the new…
  • Looking at aerial photos, it appears that a lot of timber has been harvested from the lower slopes east of the ski area. Also note that the Berries were originally selling the 745 (?) acres of the ski area proper, but wound up selling all 6,337 acre…
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  • The trails served by the T-bar are super-nice. At least that's how I remember them.
    in Saddleback Comment by mapnut June 28
  • are the specifics, thanks to Xwhaler at Alpinezone. Plenty of info to chew on.
    in Saddleback Comment by mapnut June 28
  • I hope those weren't expensive video cameras.
  • Wanna bet they don't run the Tomahawk lift on weekdays, taking a page from Gore? Everyone would have to ski a flat half-mile below the upper access road to get back to the lift. And that would be another run that would have to get a lot of snowmakin…
  • Instead of removing trees to create a piste, they remove rocks.
    in Ski Scotland Comment by mapnut June 27
  • This story prompted me to look up trail maps and aerial photos of Gulmarg (got to keep living up to my name!). The gondola seems to be the only lift apart from some beginner slopes. It's a whopper, 3 miles long with 3,500 vertical feet and a mid-sta…
  • Here's the source for that. Based strictly on Liftopia customers.
  • "The additional acreage will be built on the north facing slope of Hunter Mountain, between the Main Face and the West Side, and will be predominantly intermediate terrain. "  Hard to picture where this could be. My guess is below the intersection o…
  • Have they contracted for a gondy? Completed the engineering, paid a deposit, all that stuff?     I'm not suggesting this is government make-work and a publicity shot, I'm just curious why none of the specifics have been as well publicized as this li…
  • Slatham, the only time I skied at Plattekill I spent 60% of my time on the expert trails. Wore me out, and I'm not getting younger. I prefer Belleayre for the cruisers, or for 300 vertical feet of steep followed by a cruise, as opposed to 1100 feet …
  • Just a nostalgia note, not a candidate for the list:  In the late 60s and early 70s, when the east side of Sugarloaf was served only by two tandem T-bars, the Buckboard trail started a good 50-foot climb above the unloading of the No. 4 T-bar. Buckb…
  • I remember riding the upper T-bar at Sunday River in maybe 1971; it unloaded exactly on the summit of what is actually Barker Mt (elevation 2594). That's where Bim's Whim started. The triple chair unloads a bit further west, leaving that uphill. 
  •   I never skied there back when it was open, but remember checking it out from 93S on the way back from Ski 93 areas many times. Well now, there's why these areas don't reopen and closed in the first place. Not that there's anything wrong with doin…
  • Interesting how few of a state's tallest peaks are ski areas. The only operating ski area on a New England State's tallest peak is Mt. Mansfield in VT since Graylock never made it! Vermont has five 4,000-ft plus mountains and 3 of them have ski are…