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  • Snowmaking? What an endeavor. If money ain't a problem, blow baby blow! Pile up enough snow, farm it, and last into the summer.
  • So, does one buy a groomer for their private hill? That'd be half the fun of it! That would be so much fun. If I had the money, I'd buy a brand new Pisten Bully. Really dangerous if you don't know what you're doing.
  • So the $1,000,000 question is will the club members be able to save the place and keep it running? I would think that the customers have the money to do so, but will they do it? If I were near retirement and had a boat load of money, and hopefully s…
  • Great share! Always jealous of tree riding out West. We have it tight on the East coast.
  • Last post on their Twitter account was March ad for a property management company in Arlington, which is a ways away from that area...weird I saw that too, very odd. It's also off center.
  • So is the Hermitage currently closed?
  • I just saw a bumper sticker in Waterbury that said "No one cares if you ski Mad River Glen"  Yes, seen them many, many times around Burlington.
  • I'm at 35 and hoping to break 50. Hoping for some later April dates at Stowe, and then use my tickets to Bush in May. Then the usual late season to the Beast during Memorial Day weekend.
  • I have never waited in a lift line at the Snow Bowl. Well...maybe 5 people in front of me if that counts! Sounds like the security line at the Burlington airport.
  • Another update about Hermitage paying their oustanding taxes just in the nick of time. Link
  • I'm a longtime snowboarder and joke about calling it "Ski it if you're Ken" (Barbie doll comparison). I have nothing but respect for the coop. 
  • The top section underneath the Bluebird Bubble at Mount Snow is completely closed off to traffic underneath, until right before the top terminal where skiers traverse. At Stowe, Hacket''s Highway underneath the Triple is very, very low in points. So…
  • Killington is actively hammering Superstar with snowmaking. So much snow!
  • That gave me shivers down my spine. Hard to watch.
  • I was at Stowe when this happened, not entirely surprised by the existing base and the new snowfall. Fortunately the people that were there are people that are trained. It really could of been a mess if there were novices there.
  • Rode Stowe yesterday afternoon, definitely had about 2 feet of newer snow by last chair. With another 7+ overnight. I was riding the gondola up and read the local news. Avalanche in Smugglers Notch (second this week), with some injuries: Link
  • Love it!  This means my trip to Sugarbush in a couple of weeks is assured. With this new snow, and potentially some more next week, coupled with the cold to stay in place for the rest of the month, Sugarbush is looking very, very good for early Apri…
  • Going out to Stowe shortly for some post morning work runs. I was at Bolton last night and it was blower powder all over the mountain. Softest landings off of cliffs I have had all season.
  • Yawgoo has this in their snow report right now: "Tentative reopening scheduled for Wednesday March 14 10am-6pm (Weather/snowfall permitting)"
  • Early April will definitely be fine for Sugarbush. In a decent snow season, they're usually open through the 5th of May. Early April will most likely be corn snow, but everything off of the Valley House quad will be open, i.e. Spring Fling and Stein…
  • As mentioned a little while ago, why not momentarily forget all this drama and see the Bachelor at the Hermitage. Article here:…
  • They also had one on the Madonna Lift just below the point were Drifter crosses under the chair.  The Morse one I used but I'm not so sure I ever saw the Madonna one used.  It could have only been accessed from Drifter so you would have been forced …
  • Bromley is highlighted in this great read of development of ski resorts in Vermont in the mid-century:
  • I also know there is loading at the center terminal on a peak connector at Breckenridge. From what I remember, there is not unloading.
  • Collins lift at Alta.  Load at the bend.   Smuggs used to have one on the Morse Mountain lift that allowed  skiing off the top of Morse with out going down to the bottom.  They also had one on the Madonna Lift just below the point were Drifter cross…
  • I see this as a legit thing with non-regular skiers. I was told yesterday at work that all the snow on the slopes would be gone today and I had to hold myself back. I was about to go off about snowmaking, but decided to not say anything. I find it h…
  • This is a great topic and very interested to hear others input here. As I am 25, I don't have much experience in this. Growing up with doing multiple weeks at Smuggs and Stratton each year, to parents getting a house at Mount Snow. I've been lucky t…
  • What's the record for Stein's Challenge at Sugarbush? I remember hearing men get into the upper 40s. Given the lift is now a little faster, but still not high speed. Not sure, but I seem to remember a debate about Super Bravo being faster even with…
  • What's the record for Stein's Challenge at Sugarbush? I remember hearing men get into the upper 40s. Given the lift is now a little faster, but still not high speed.
  • All of Vermont looks great for the Wednesday storm. Southern looking a little better, assuming the current 10-12" prediction now. I'll be riding Stowe Thursday morning. If roads are okay, I'll be getting up to Bolton Wednesday night for some night r…