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  • Neat parking lot pic, I can where the parking may be an issue, have shuttle bus? https://viewer.hangar.com/nA0VqlrV Which one is that?  The parking/walking situation there is definitely a quite a production.  I always have believed running a trail…
  • Nice.  Love that trail under the double.  Skied it with my son back a few weeks ago.  Lot's of character.   This is certainly a spring for the history books.
  • I skied Wachusett on the 9th,  It was very nice, empty, and surprising how many of the "between" trails that were open.  I actually skied through a small wooded section between Conifer and Balance Rock and it couldn't have been nicer.  No question t…
  • I skied Wachusett on the 9th,  It was very nice, empty, and surprising how many of the "between" trails that were open.  I actually skied through a small wooded section between Conifer and Balance Rock and it couldn't have been nicer.  No question t…
  • Excellent news.  The snowmaking investments will pay off and the Green lift is a big bonus. What are the current snowmaking capabilities there?
  • If this is real, I say YAY! Bear Cub is a bummer and it would be quite nice to simply be able to ski Jug/Handle, Roundabout, Breakaway and then move on to the next pod.
  • FWIW, The Ego Ally picture is awesome.  Must be the lattice.
  • Difficulty: Stratton, Okemo, Snow, Bromley - With the 1 & 2 similar, and 3 & 4 kinda similar Tough one.  I would almost argue Snow over the other's thanks to the North Face and some of the steeps there where Okemo and Stratton don't compare. 
  • A little googling would reveal Peak Resorts dropped out Ski NH five years ago and is unable to participate in the passport program without being a member of Ski NH. http://www.firsttracksonline.com/2012/06/20/peak-resorts-pulls-out-of-ski-nh-as-sta…
  • Yeah bubble I am familiar with the fourth and fifth grade passport thing from my grandsons I did not get it this year because we have season passes at Caberfae but next year I will get it together and I hope to really be able to ski at the old hidd…
  • Just need to move that sign over 300' up to the Appalachian Trail. They should have just run the lift right up there!  I guess the obvious reason why that isn't the case is the extreme wind and vulnerability of that quad.  At times it seems the chai…
  • Wow. Great news
  • Bubblecuffer, all the big White Mountain areas are still operating at least thru Easter Sun. and Mt. Sunapee. My picks would be anything along I-93 and of course Wildcat! Thanks. I know they were closed last Monday and Tuesday, just hoping they don'…
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  • Only Wachusett over the weekend but I plan to come down with the flu on Monday and will need to ski Wildcat to recover.  I hope they are going to be open.
  • White Mountains will see at least 10" from this.  Hoping to ski on Monday in NH but not sure who is going to be open.  Thoughts?
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  • Nice, it was fun skiing that snow on Saturday.  The road conditions look annoying.
  • Already progress being made for 2017/18. Yes, resurrecting the Green Chair! Still two days til April 1st...
  • Nice report!  You just recharged my desire to return to Pico someday.  Poma Line is one of the most hairy trails I have ever skied.  It is tough to imagine a successfully operating a poma on that pitch.
  • Thanks for the report.  I'm hoping to go there Thursday or Friday.  $9 tix sound nice for Friday and the weather forecast is showing some serious wind on Thursday.
  • The poma was also running and was getting very heavy use for the terrain park.  I don't see that going anywhere soon.
  • Bubble- great report and love the j bar! With the youngin's? Yes, this was a family day.  We've been in hockey rinks all winter so it's nice to get out for some fresh air. The J bar was a special bonus and it served a nice little terrain park whic…
  • Either you're out west or at Wildcat.
  • Sunday River on Friday, mind blowing.  Wachusett was also excellent on Sunday.  Looking outside here in Sterling MA at 8:15AM on Wednesday and it is snowing cats and dogs.
  • I skied at Sunday River last Friday and then Wachusett yesterday.  Both experiences were stellar and considering it is mid March, I'd suggest this season's finale may end up being among the best in recent memory.  The only noteworthy warming in New …
  • Thanks for sharing!  I want that job, big time.
  • How much of a factor do you all think winds will be tomorrow?  I'm holding off til Thursday and going to play hooky.
  • Nice report.  Thank you!
  • Just as well in my opinion I seem to recall a lot of complaints about snow and trail conditions at the top of the quad Yup.  The top of the former "summit" triple is all that is needed.  I wish there at least existed a slight chance this mounta…
  • I talked with the director there last year - and yes, they do hope someday to get another lift in to the midstation, possibly a surface one. They can only go so far up, but want to provide a more complete experience someday than just a rope tow. Wh…