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  • The series continues with Disciples II and more cameo appearances:Photographic article:
  • Next we present the Alpine chairlift at Boyne Mountain. Definitely an uncommon lift. Seems to be a relocated Doppelmayr originating in the 1970's. I've confirmed it was built on this site in 2002 and opened February 2003. If anyone has more informat…
  • Last bunch of Alpine Valley photographic articles have been published on Remontees-Mecaniques:Chair #4: Chair #7:…
  • One lift ( disciples 1) and 9 to go!?( or did I miss link to other 9?) Just Disciples I so far. Should be able to go forward at a rate of one chairlift per week.
  • Next up is Chair 8, a surprisingly modern center pole quad!Pictures: I've submitted my first Boyne Mountain report, should be published in the coming days!
  • Complete Remontees-Mecaniques photographic articles about both lifts. Make sure to use the translate button in the upper right corner.Village Quad: Sunshine Quad: …
  • Thank you very much for the information newpylong! I missed your post originally, but will seek to update the report soon. Interesting that the equipment is so recent: 1981. It must have flown under the radar when it was originally installed and did…
  • Thanks Conrad! Any timeframe to look forward to the Numerous Boyne's pics on RM? Just watched our 2 day "adventure" @ the Boyne's Just got to get through a couple of brand new Sugarbush reports first. The moderators on R-M have been very busy (s…
  • Nice, I was at Sugarbush today as well with my cousin. We found Castlerock to be the one section of the mountain where the snow on the firm side, for some reason. Otherwise, great skiing off of Heaven's Gate, Gadd Peak, and one run in Slidebrook Bas…
  • Need a road trip to get pics....from the road of course. I too can maybe try to stop by after work and get a couple pictures one of these days. I didn't have my camera with me the first time..
  • Nice, UMF is my alma mater and I had a few good days there back during my old school days! Great little hill and love the old diesel powered lifts. This one certainly has some Hall parts incorporated too, but a classic old lift!
  • Here's the list of manufacturers which have at least one report on Remontees-Mecaniques: Many international manufacturers that haven't built in the United States.
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  • Some low chairlifts that come to mind would be Outpost and Summit at Pico, VT and Summit at Whaleback. All three have sections where someone could catch a ski to the head if two people weren't paying attention. A tall person could bang their head at…
  • Are grips still woven into the haul rope on Riblets? Looks like it Yes, this is an almost universal thing. It seems to work well, as you see many old Riblet chairs around still in business.
  • Chair 5: 1: No report on Chair 4 unfortunately.
  • Great pictures! Sounds like a good day!
  • Few more Pine Knob reports: Chair 3: 1&2: Still a little wa…
  • Suicide Six, Vermont! Less than 10 minutes from where I live.
  • Yes, this visitor came all the way from Paris, France, but he's a flight attendant so it's part of the job. He took 1735 photos at all four ski areas. This person, who goes by Rodo_Af, is by far the most prolific user on Remontees-Mecaniques and has…
  • My friend ended up going to all 4 Detroit ski areas in two days, by the way!
  • Nice Bittersweet pictures!
  • I feel like a little kid looking at porn...don't understand the mechanics, but I love the pics!  Glad to hear! There is a translate button in the upper right corner of the webpages, in case you haven't noticed.
  • Thanks for the information. I'll try to get him to visit Mt. Holly. Not to sure about Mt. Brighton since it might be tough for him to pass up Alpine Valley and Pine Knob which are half the price.
  • Nice read and pictures!How much do you ski the Detroit ski areas Ted? Believe it or not a Remontees-Mecaniques user is visiting next week Tuesday-Wednesday to ski at least two ski areas and where he goes will probably come down to maximizing the num…
  • Rounding out the Okemo series:Sachem Quad: Glades Peak Quad: Sunshine Quad: https://ww…
  • There's a company (might be part of a Swiss company called Rowema) that still supplies Mueller parts. See their website here: I think some of chairs on these lifts have been replaced by this company and look a…
  • For Boyne Mountain:Super Bowl = 1987 reinstall from Thunder Mountain (source Heritage Journal) Ramshead 1969 as mentioned Victor = 90's install, likely relocation of North McLough quad which was replaced by six pack. Based on trail maps and sk…
  • I did some research and I'm guessing Boyne Land came from the Super Bowl slope where it was originally installed by Borvig in 1982 as a double. Not sure where they got the chairs.
  • Here's a preview of some of the photos: North Face chair, Boyne Highlands Mountain Express, Boyne Mountain Superbowl chair, Boyne Mountain
  • Reportedly built by Canadian manufacturer Samson: