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  • I ski the Volkl RTM 84's here in the east and had a great time with them out west as well (good in powder, bumps and woods).  However I've gotten sick of the airlines making an extra hundred off us each time we fly out to Denver, so sent the boy out…
  •      I bought my boots last spring.  I have had fit issues for @ 25 years and tried to fix them buy buying new boots that felt good in the shop.  One set that served me fairly well were bought at a local shop and their boot guy got me in some boots …
  • Our niece went to U of Sciences in Philly.  She has graduated and has a decent job at a hospital doing lab work. It helps that she is smart and driven. Her program was 3 years then a year internship.   Philly has a lot to offer but not the scenery a…
  • I cannot wait for the book. Growing up, I could see the lights from Grand at Bousquets from my front door and on a cloudy night the lights from Jiminy and Brodie reflecting on the clouds from my bedroom.
  • I am going up Saturday to try on boots. I am working with a boot fitter and I have a list of boots to try on.  Unfortunately there are not many of the boots on the top of our list to try on in the Bucks County area.  Hopefully I can try some of them…
  • I learned my lesson in 2004.  I went to bed during the 7th inning of game 4 of the ALCS.  I had the bedroom TV on but fell asleep.  I missed Kevin Millar's walk, I missed Dave Roberts stealing second, I missed Bill Muellers's game tying single.   I …
  • Look into Fed Exing your skis to your friends house.  It might be cheaper than renting especially if you might be going to different resorts.  I have done that and loaded my ski bag with all of my cold weather gear to lighten the airline load.
  •  Blue Mountain in Pa is 100% open with a nice base.  Elk Mountain had 3 trails closed and was making snow on parts of trails.  The base was ok  Camelback had a bunch of trails closed as they were making snow on a lot of the easier trails.  They had…