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  • Maple leaf Canada?
  • I will probably find out in February hopefully I can go do IUP tour on the way back from Bohemia. Basically I have three nights at Bohemia which are paid for and I just got email confirmation from whitecap Wisconsin saying I can get one more nigh…
  • You can see the Doppylmayr tbar on left on fri video11/17/17
  • Not sure of my first chairlift ride but it should have been Snow Bowl NJ or Craigmeur. I first got into Nelsap and snowjournal by remembering skiing at Snowbowl with my dad between his skis going up the tbar. Some how it led me to this online thing …
  • Oh I failed to mention it's Sept 18 No I won't be skiing but will take the tram at Aly   /div> Another pastime that is a favorite of mine in Anchorage is going into the fur shops. The furs are way out of my price range, and I'm not real keen on …
  • 2 weeks! Obviously gonna be moving They have a lottery in Sept for driving your own vehicle all the way into Denali park for 4 days , 1 in 7 chance, odds are decent about time we are going. Yea saw fast eddy in Tok, plan on it Northern lights shou…
  • Flying to Anchorage, driving clockwise up to Denali, Fairbanks, haul road/Dalton to Arctic c, back down to chena hot springs or Steese, to Tok, top of world to Dawson City, maybe up Dempster to Tombstonethen, Downto Whitehorse, Skagway or Haines, ba…
  • Nubs still blows em away
  • $35 couldn't put it down, need 10 mos to digest
  • any of you guys familiar with Ski Blackjack up in Bessemer?  their website is gone nevermind, found em.  Part of or owned by Indian Head nowawadays Not that your not busy Rick but gondyline skibum could use some updating But never get rid of small …
  • Because Vail can't afford it
  • Bittersweet ( owned by Holly, of cathedral Hall double fame) open today Boy that's even earlier than 4 hrs ago, I might be skiing in Nov again Of course it's a wrod
  • Well shit. Yea and when Map cries doodoo I'm not a happy camper, I look up to him!(not litterally) and when Paul Harvey and Yogi's name come up you know it's serious ⛷
  • Nothing but respect for the rocket, Learn more on NE ski history than anywhere else, thorough. Joined Alpine zone couple years ago and he was first( and only) one to say hi , welcome. Really doesn't want to rock the SJ boat anymore, too busy for pi…
  • Small but mighty ( Ricks favorite line) open
  • Boyne open 1 trail $35 outrageous
  • The pic KING hard at it! Free skiing for vets?
  • These get me going
  • Boy our Administration is excited! Thanks for sharing !
  • Ahhh Le Relais!! Still say this corridor ranks with the best, certainly the operating ones I would love to see Caberfae Peaks put a T-Bar in their back country area…
  • Oh boy
  • I do not know of your time there, like a good mapnut I have been studying and reading everything I can about Ak. Coldfoot and wiseman are close, just saw them on map and read about them. Would like to hear more of your journey on the haul road. I a…
  • I typically remember December 2008 we had 60 inches or 5 feet of snow and I believe by February I was golfing same thing happened back in the winter of 2001 we are golfing by the end of January 2002 melts as fast as it comes down
  • That's what they said for the last several years the best year I've had here in 27 years was the winter of 13 to 1420 inches or 10 feet has the best we've ever had here of course that's in Grand Rapids area so you P might've gotten's double that
  • I wish I could go for solstice in June but the wife can't get vaca ( need 2 wks)tilSept. Besides the camper is less than half price.(wish air was) Pagamony, I think I'm going to get Coldfeetfoot) and turn around like a wiseman before the horse dies…
  • Heck I've been to Canada the last two years so I have to hit Yukon and if everything goes OK go up the Demster highway into the Northwest Territories
  • Thanks for all the insight everyone yeah we will take a whale watch tour through the fjords and what not and yes the Bears concern me but will be all right. I am not taking any firearms but I do plan on renting a satellite phone for emergencies …
  • I like the alpenglow of the Arctic and Moose Mountain intrigues me maybe I'll take the bus Gus
  • Yeah figured that map, have a four-wheel-drive 1 ton Dodge crew cab with the self-contained camper so if it's the real nasty we just park it burn some propane and wait it out we're going early to mid September so who knows that's all the excitement…
  • Oh I failed to mention it's Sept 18 No I won't be skiing but will take the tram at Aly According to Ricks gondyline there's a ski area right outside of Anchorage (Arctic something or other) and Moose mtn in Fairbanks.( has busses as lifts) So exci…