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  • For racing course prep, often officials inject water into the snow to make it denser so it holds up better (and ruts less). Here is a video from Lake Louise officials.  There is a better one put out by Loveland officials where you can actually see t…
  • Well if global warming is bad enough, the Atlantic thermohaline cycle may shut down which will cool Europe.
  • The blew far more snow on Superstar in March alone than in October/November for the WC races. Superstar lasts this long because they blew a 30' tall glacier, like they do EVERY year.
  • The Receiver I think technically owns it.
  • Are they running it that slow due to the walk-on/walk-off access?
  • Three Brodies?!? Can't wait.
  • What uncertainty?  Jay supposedly made a profit of $9M this winter.
  • From what I've read they're trying to get out of their sewer bill. Previous ownership wanted to expand housing. Town needed to expand sewer. Ownership agreed to pay 65% of costs. Current ownership sees no massive expansion on the horizon and wants t…
  • I read it as the rope was causing the chair to sway left/right and the chair hitting the tower caused the family to be ejected.  It says the chair was at a 40° angle when it hit the tower. 
  • Yup. I agree.
  • They did.  Scroll right and you see it.
  • The Mt Mansfield snow stake recorded 1.5" of new snow.
  • Didn't they do a massive push to make new snow on top of the injected snow to make SS skiable by the general public?
  • I agree. It looks like the snow is more uniformly spread out. Especially at the "S" on Preston's Pitch. That tells me (completely uninformed on the subject... just comparing pics) better odds for making it June. Last year they were just a weekend s…
  • You started with "ask the star".  Not sure who that is. I think he means HighwayStar, the notorious anti-Killington troll on certain other ski forums.
  • Ive been on this site for 13 years and ive never seen it so boring....  If you've been on this site for 13 years you'd know that certain 4-letter words (including the one you used) aren't accepted here, that not everyone transitioned from the old se…
  • Yes a 3S gondola is like the traditional tram: 2 track cables and 1 haul cable. Except it's like a gondola so the cabins detach and slow for loading and unloading. It would be insanely expensive (though the towers are in place so you might reuse the…
  • Yes Joshua, DEM stands for Digital Elevation Model. My data source was the USGS LiDAR, which is the best out there. WC was short for World Cup.
  • From a DEM analysis I did for fun ahead of the WC, the top headwall is ~60% and Preston's Pitch is ~54% while the middle bit is ~35-40%.  With massive spring bumps, it doesn't seem too suitable for 8 and 10 year olds. For comparison sake, GoogleEart…
  • Yes, for some reason Tom White's post isn't displaying right on my end either (on both Chrome and Safari).
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  • Winches are used on a lot flatter terrain than you may think.  When I was at Killington I noticed a winch post on either Reason or the blue section of East Fall.
  • Could it have not been skiing related? 
  • Here's the pic. Interesting that they didn't mention which trails get new pipe. Does anyone know? Pipe looks rather small too.
  • With respect to the T-bar, I don't think even any towers remain. The drive building was torn down a couple years ago. I don't think a new quad less expensive, but it's simply not cost effective to spend money on the old double.   Think about it this…
  • I'm guessing the winch cable snapped?
  • This is for a new fixed grip quad to replace the summit (Thompson) double, a 1967 Stadeli, with ~10 second chair spacing to keep capacity down. There is nothing used on the market long enough.  They have publicly said so. The old Ascutney triple cou…
  • Sure Crotched was de-NELSAPped, but it was essentially a new build. Only thing reused was the double. Trails were widened/graded, new snowmaking, new used lifts, new lodge.
  • Attitash --> Attitash Bear Peak Cranmore --> Attitash Bear Peak --> Attitash
  • Invest what little capital into as efficient snowmaking system as possible.  There's no denying it's one of the largest (if not the largest) costs of ski areas.   Buy up used stuff like what Plattekill has done. It's far better to buy a used 5-10 ye…
  • A "lance" is the European term for low-E tower guns, like HKDs, SMI Vikings, SnoLogics, etc.