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  • Loon for me. Been there once, have to go back to get the patch and pin for the bag and collection. Too many people, even on a weekday, long lines, indifferent service and I hate to say it, I had to interact with the patrol when one of my students go…
  • As a patroller, I love it when the public stops by our shacks-- that's why we're there! Warm up, shoot some bull, tell good stories, borrow tools. We're all skiers and that's what is important. I can tell you this though-- at Sugarbush: Summit shack…
  • Points for style, that's for sure. Could that be done on an old Halllift? Speaking of which--- does anyone know if the T-bar at Emery Park in South Wales is a Hall? My plan this winter is to get to actually ski it, if it's spinning.
  • Mont Orford has a chondola. We could have a category for lifts that go over roads public roads. That would at least include include Whittier, Killington, and Stowe. I always wondered about Whittier--- did people park their cars, ride up and then…
  • Another big consideration that goes along with your timeline is the evolution of the ski itself. Shaped skis getting shorter have made the Glades easier to navigate. I can remember learning to ski the glades at MRG in the early 90s on my K2 Extremes…
  • The customer looks like the guy from "The Fifth Element"
  • Skied Kissing Bridge one late night, great night and had to listen to the local rock station being piped onto the trails-- hated it. If I want to watch TV, I will stay home, thank you.
  • Could be Buffalo Ski Club?
  • Don't think it's Holimont-- this is too small and Holimont is spread out over a large ridgeline with a big open trail to the west.
  • Sugarbush uses eyelets and cables at the top of Steins, Organgrinder and Ripcord. Yes but what are those "eyelets" anchored too? I believe concrete encased winch poles (or some such other man-made structure) and not trees.... They're always bur…
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  • Did I read somewhere that Bluemont had a sideways facing chair?
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  • Sugarbush uses eyelets and cables at the top of Steins, Organgrinder and Ripcord.
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  • That is very cool! A long way from a sno cat with a bunch of tires on some pipe.
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  • Great trip report! How many months do you have left before you've skied all of them?
  • Cockaigne if they don't spin? Perhaps either Concord Club or Blumont as well. I don't think Wing Hollow is possible due to trespassing and such.
  • I'm down for a E'ville get together at some point. Be nice to see what has changed since I was last there and what's the same. Last time I was there was in May of 2011 when my late brother and I paid respects to our parents at the top of Tannenbaum …
  • Southern Vermont-- Okemo, Stratton, Bromley, Mt Snow, Suicide Six.. perhaps some NH areas like Cannon, Waterville Valley and Bretton Woods.
  • My memory of Maple Valley was that, except for a trail or two, it was mostly flat. I hiked it a long time ago and was surprised when I suddenly found myself at the unloading station. It was about as gradual of a climb that I've ever done.
  • Does this mean there will be a sale of all those chairs sitting at the bottom?
  • I'll hit Lederhosen Ski Club in Buffalo to see what they have. My parents used to be members.
  • How about a thread to help NELSAP out? Find as many photos as we can of lost areas for the website? Spread the power of the research. Helped the USN find a secret PLAN sub base with some folks on Google Earth turning it up.
  • I'd definitely go with Betsy about Middlebury for this one. Been there twice, had a great time, no crowds, good food, nice views and interesting mountain lay out. There's enough terrain to make it interesting and a lot of hidden areas as well. My …
  • Bill restested for senior status and nailed it. His son was the head aerial judge at the last Olympics.
  • no-- not worth that much for the gift. I was looking for the MK IV Comps-- orange with white writing!
  • Geezum-- a long way from the locally made snow guns I remember from my youth. Should've taken pictures of them back then.
  • Currahee Mountain at Camp Toccoa?
  • I do believe there are many admin types who often scope us out. As I recall, Whaleback checks us out and every now and then I see Win posting. That's always good, because at their hearts, they're skiers, not corporate suits. Dennis Eshbaugh from HV …
  • Gates was not a good commander though Arnold, Stark and Morgan basically saved his bacon. Oh, and his best general was Burgoyne-- who made some incomprehensible decisions given the terrain and difficulties he faced in his drive south.
  • Holy crap! Now all three are part of that pass system? What do people think will happen to "independent" areas like Jay and Sugarbush? I'm not too worried about MRG or Killington as they have a big draw no matter what-- but how much of a game change…