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  • The new mounted guns are nice, but noticed that the lower ones are mounted pretty low, and not sure where the elec. and water hookups for the red/pink one just below the rocket will come from as I couldn't see anything in the area. Standing at th…
  • Perhaps it's just the perspective, but some of the towers look to be in excess of 20' tall. We're refreshing with the WV patrol Saturday. I'll ask the PD.
  • For the weekend your best is Crotched. A "bad" lift line is 3 minutes. Full disclosure: I am on their ski patrol.
  • Cannon: The summit quad is old and slow. Couple years ago it was in need of a drive replacement and was running well under 400fpm The tram at Cannon needs to be replaced with a HS6 Bubble. Any day over 30 degrees and it stinks like a locker room.
  • I suspect I owe someone a beer Oh you still have time, they only have to mount all the pulleys, string the cables, align everything, mount the T's, start her up & get it inspected in what was 9 days. No problem. Besides, I don't know if I ca…
  • Good grief, let's hope the ropes they create are better than their press releases.
  • For me, it's Killington, for the sheer number of times I've been hit behind from behind and then received an earful about "getting in their way". I just spent a couple of days in Manhattan, which refreshed my memory.
  • -24F at the base of Whiteface without the windchill.
  • The lodges at Cranmore and Gunstock both have great views of the lakes region.
  • Bretton Woods. My friend's father could not believe I was skiing from the summit my second days on skis 40 something years ago. Perfect set up, as much of the hill is green pasture. Still like it today. +1 to BW for a couple of reasons: - Thei…
  • That rust color doesn't make me think of snow and skiing. Whoever did the original color scheme on that whole complex must have been color blind. I read that they are changing the colors on the building. I haven't seen the building in a while but th…
  • The first Killington Gondola was three phase (sections) with two mid-stations. I'm aware of no others in the US with more than one mid-station. What about the double-doubles at Sugarloaf? Perhaps a topic for another thread, but the three chairlif…
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  • That's a pretty serious rearrangement of Crotched East too; I almost didn't recognize it. Looks like this extends Blitz and whatever the one next to it was (just east of the chairlift) up to the top and closes the traverse between them. That's a new…
  • Back to the topic, it seems the folks out west are more lax about anchor points. It appears NH wants proper concrete footings.
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  • Yep, getting first & last tracks isn't always fun. Ted, I seem to remember sharing this experience with you last season. Oh yeah Nelson, on more than one occasion. And Joshua, when you can read the top sheet on your skis through 1/2" of acc…
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  • And here I thought you were a real New Englander skier! Ice? Only on the surface of the snowmaking pond. :-) Locals out west use the term "ice" for packed powder that's more than a couple days old. The same conditions in New England would be a 9 …
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  • What ice? Never seen any. Especially at Fernie, where that video was recorded.
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  • They did go to Air/Water on Wildcat due to the existing systems, the relative narrowness of most trails and the subsidies available. Wildcat has a limited power supply coming into the notch as well. So they went air/water with diesel generators?…
  • They did go to Air/Water on Wildcat due to the existing systems, the relative narrowness of most trails and the subsidies available. Wildcat has a limited power supply coming into the notch as well.
  • I've heard the tax angle, but it doesn't make sense. If they were hospitable to the expansion, it seems as though the town fathers would welcome the new tax receipts to their coffers. If tax receipts was really their angle, aren't they "cutting of…
  • That’s a shame. Curious why Francestown has been hostile to Crotched’s reopening. Last I heard they wanted $250K or more in back taxes owed by the prior owners. Also, if you had to pick one side to develop, Peaks picked the better side. More co…
  • Don’t know about JS and his condo! 😂 I will say this: Crotched sure gets a lotta love on SJ. Folks here must know something I don’t and I probably need to ski this for myself. Ciscokid, a Midwest road trip should be on the docket, don’t you think? …
  • Whaleback doesn't count because both of those villages are part of the town of Enfield. Fair enough, your thread. Not sure why you're counting MRG, SR, and Loon as they are "in" incorporated areas.
  • Whaleback, while listed in Enfield, may be in Montcalm. Montcalm is an unincorporated community inside the town of Enfield according to the google. Of course, it may be in Purmort too. I could not find property maps online. The names for exit…
  • Despite the obvious strong collection of Crotched Mtn. skiers on this forum, the absence of lift lines, even on weekends and holidays, is powerful evidence that most skiers are unaware of what Crotched has to offer. I live less than 30 minutes fro…
  • After 80 years of being in business, why haven't they been able to accrue enough cash on hand to get through the summer?
  • I suspect I owe someone a beer
  • Facebook says 9-5 Saturday and Sunday for a wrap up weekend. I don't see anything in the long range that leads me to believe we'll open on the 7th and 8th.
  • 650 miles.  North Reading, MA to Arlington, MA (to grab a friend that likes to drive) to Whiteface in NY for a long weekend.