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  • That's probably a good guess Ibrake. Me I worked on a perfect pour where I'm at and I dont mean the rain that fell.
  • No clue. Mt Snow? Looks nice. Wish I could find a ski area near me but the only one I can find in the country I'm in are made out of plastic. Some rotate too
  • Very true, we did like 13.5-22k probably averaged 17k without pushing it. We did 19.3k on opening day and the 22 in under 4 hours.There must be a reason I keep going back there...I know it's the Rocket Fuel!!
  • Wow, 10 to 30 years. There's child molesters who get shorter sentences.
  • Looks good on my PC. Good info Quint. I'll try to comply although I haven't figured out how to compress when loading live reports from my phone, yet.The Epic Ski issue is the same reasoning that I have not used another photo sharing site. Some of th…
  • IMHO I don't think there is any set date. I thinks it more like when the drifts are dug out and any repairs needed are done. And then it may only go to the treeline at first. Usually early to mid May and the summit the last couple weeks of May to mi…
  • No Sugarloaf, the May Record Monthly Total of Snow, Ice Pellets & Hail is 95.8" set in 1997. ;)
  • My 2016-7 CM Season in review: Total days: 99; Lift serviced: 90; Total vertical: 1,750,000 feet I hope all of our CM readers on SJ enjoyed the season as much as I did - and we'll do it again next winter! Wow I still don't know how anyone does those…
  • Over 45" for May so far. Not sure that is a record..yet. 24 hr & single storm yes.
  • Beautiful!  My vote for a finalist for Snow Journalist of the Season.
  • Yeah that stinks Jim
  • See edits.
  • Cool Newpylong. Can you get me on here (Easton)? Actually I have a couple connections for here(Easton) myself, I just need to make the effort.(to get my butt there).
  • You're the man! I didn't hike up, but coming from the west it looks steep even though it is only 440 vertical. NESH says the chair is from Wachusetts circa 1982.
  • Your good Lotsoskiing! Or you saw my last guess post & put 2 and together?
  • I guess I need new glasses. Thanks I thought it was just 2. They must not be counting surface lifts
  • They didn't include the lowly Peak Pass. I make it as 74 lifts on 7 resorts. you could add on the Midwest Peak areas too. 61 lifts 8 resorts out there. 135 lifts 15 resorts in total.
  • That's a good suggestion Bkroon. I found some 1960s copies of Vermont Life with ski articles at an ahem Antique Store on rt 4 between Rutland and Whitehall. I even emailed VL to see I could repost them on SJ but alas no response.
  • I guess we should have made a Pine Ridge page...Yes the fire in 2006 was the last straw, but if Bill has an article quoting Bob Anderson about a tornado then it had to happen well before 1982 as NESH speculates because of Anderson's failing health i…
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  • Bill29 I do not doubt either fact. I was just trying to find a date for the tornado for you. I also can't believe how out of date some of these guides are. I know they do not want to count people out too soon, but it's been more than a decade that P…
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  • I've ridden it a bunch of times but alas no videos. I wouldn't have been able to hold on to my phone on launch or up in the steep section, so I would have had to buy a Go Pro....Found this though: Burke Poma Man…
  • I love them too. Killington still runs theirs?
  • And: I know I've seen stores in downtown North Conway and Burlington VT that sell knicnacs, artwork, etc.. but don't know their names. Joe Jones ski shop probably has stuff
  • He autographed mine as well. I need to pick up the others.If you buy it thru NELSAP I think you'd stand a good chance of picking up the coveted signature. Just tell him your SJ user name. They are also a penny cheaper than on the museum site too.
  • Do you mean besides these places? used to have a copy of "Cross Country Cat".
  • See my Guess post on 4/29. Not one reply :( :( Of course people usually only reply to topics that interest them even if they read them. I read a lot of trip reports and do not reply because usually all I can muster is, Good Report. Likewise, I don…
  • Bill According to AZ Pine Ridge is still open. X_X And these guys too Of course my car GPS has it listed too. I found two tor…
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  • Anyone else seeing double or do I need to see a doctor?
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