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  • Much easier when it doesn't have to be an expression.   Got a few: Raggedy Ann & Raggedy Andy at Ragged again. Big Dipper & Double Dipper at Killington Psyched and Psyched Out at Waterville
  • Jeremy Clark has fringe political views, yes, and yes it does affect his reporting on Cannon and Sunapee.  But he is a very good source otherwise.I had generally defended him in the past, but I don't really know what happened around here, and I gues…
  • What's the latest from Tenney officials?  Are they talking about running both chairs this season?
  • I know it doesn't exactly qualify in the same way as others, but I nominate Sugarbush Lincoln peak.  So fake and such a monstrosity.  Miles better than the one it replaced though! Yeah, I haven't used it much but it seems really nice inside.  Al…
  • I know it doesn't exactly qualify in the same way as others, but I nominate Sugarbush Lincoln peak.  So fake and such a monstrosity. 
  • Grabbed some 98's last spring, only rode 'em a few times but I like so far.  Was on an 88 prior.
  • The percentage of drunk or at least buzzed skiers seems to go up astronomically towards the later part of midnight madness.  Not a fan.  Nothing against drinking overall, but I hate it combined with skiing (and/or driving).
  • Back in the day some friends used to go to Killington without a ticket.  I had the ASC pass, so I didn't need to. If they could make it on one of the lower mtn. lifts then they could ride Canyon or other upper mtn lift all day since they only checke…
  • Gunstock is going with an RFID system too.  Article below lists some other improvements that aren't itt also.
  • The green and blue trails are crowded at Pat's when it's busy regardless of their lift config.  Most of the time they don't even fully load one triple chair though.  I can't think of any popular and easily accessible area that is much better in that…
  • I have mixed feelings about WV's summit lift.  In past years, they've used the High Country chair for early season skiing and assuring a usable T-Bar track dilutes the effectiveness of the snowmaking on the rest of the High Country pod.  What's mor…
  • Rangley double is what, ~4500 feet? A FGQ moving at a good clip will cover that in a manageable amount of time. It will be cheaper to install, maintain, and operate than a HSQ and be able to run more. Uphill capacity very similar. Seems like a no …
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  • It sounds about as good as possible given the last two years.  So does the SMF close down or somehow support?   Meanwhile, for myself, I do not consider a high speed lift to necessary for my vacations.  Not sure if I am odd or not.  I can't remember…
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  • I haven't been around as much so maybe I missed it, but I'd say Stratton is not talked about much around here.
  • Good to hear, but sounds like an uphill battle on several fronts.  I know they try to justify a new surface lift and FG quad, but it seems unrealistic to hope to compete as a destination resort with 0 high speed lifts.  I think in NE Smuggler's Notc…
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  • WV is in a bad state of deferred maintenance.  They could easily spend $7.5M just doing basic maintenance. If you don't count the relocated old lift (a 1985 installation) now on Green Peak, their newest lift is the 20-year-old Quadzilla.Little Quadz…
  •   I never skied there back when it was open, but remember checking it out from 93S on the way back from Ski 93 areas many times. Well now, there's why these areas don't reopen and closed in the first place. Not that there's anything wrong with doi…
  • That chair is a nice ride for the lazy hiker too.
  • I'd like to see the Highlands re-open for skiing.  I always thought it was a really nice hill and with the operating chairlift (for mountain biking) it would probably be one of the easiest ones to re-open (if there was a will to do so.) Me too!  At …
  • I like Whaleback in feeder category like NewEnglandSkier13 has it but it exceeds 500' in vertical (700').  Even the poster area for this category, Granite Gorge, exceeds the limit (525' vert).  I think the easiest solution is to up the cap on feeder…
  • At least Cannon is figuring out how to make snow.  I don't care who runs it much, more concerned about the quality of the "product" there.
  • Nice report, really like that place.  Some sneakily good terrain and no high speed lifts and out of the way means not crowded on the trails ever as long as they're mostly open.
  • Wow that sucks.  Like it isn't hard enough to revive a ski area.
  • It seems so strange that it would run normally for some time and then just one chair swung so extremely to collide with the tower.  Did other chairs on this lift exhibit this behavior to a lesser degree too before the catastrophe?
  • Stowe had a pretty extreme microburst a couple years back.  Made a mess of lower goat area.
  • Heh, all I can think of when verticaldrop said he recognized chris is
  • It's a nice perk if your home resort offers it and the price isn't too high.  I almost pulled the trigger on Peak Pass but the Ragged $250 full pass was too tempting.  The biggest factor for me was that outside CM (40 min) the other places are a hau…
  • my best with terminal illness jumped off lift at end of day? Any really high points on the summit hsdq ?   Ive only been there two or three times cant recall.....What an awful thing :( None of the lifts at Sunapee are very high off th…
  • Estimated from Google Earth: Base Elevation: 1500' Summit Elevation: 2925' Vertical Rise: 1425' Length: 5900' Ride Time: 12 min (500fpm) Roughly the same numbers as Sunapee Express except nearly 2x the ride time.