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  • One thing I've never quite understood. EB-5 is about job creation. How can it be possible to use EB-5 funds on things like new base lodges and snowmaking improvements? First, I believe there is also EB-5 funding available for job retention.As for b…
  • I think the Sugarbush section got messed up. They don't mention the 2 brand new Quads, and the section starts "Sugarbush is also replacing the old ticket........" I bet the first paragraph was somehow omitted.
  • Magics historical 1,700 is well know to be inflated. New England Ski History has the installs of both Red and Black at 1,500, which seems more reasonable, though both can't be that number as Red is slightly lower and higher. But that's splitting hai…
  • Yes skiers right off of Pipeline.
  • Anyone else agree with me that RFIDs are a pain-in-the-butt?  Perhaps they will be improved, but for now, I wouldn't categorize "installing an RFID system" as an improvement! Way better than scanners, so for Sugarbush its definitely an improvement!
  • there are a couple lost trails on granite, Fitz' folly for example, and one that goes down to the old triple on the Vernon side I think it was called opossum at one time.  I doubt the ones up high on looker's left . Vernon (the old white chair/half …
  • They certainly have the spirit! How cool.
  • So the land is owned by the State, leased to Och Ziff, who in turn has contracted with Tim and Diane Mueller of Okemo to operate the mountain?
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  • No doubt Mt Snow will show off the new water supply. Not sure how much earlier they'll go for it, but I am sure that when they do it will be full on and maxed out on the new water supply.
  • I didn't know things like replacing pipe required a filing?I think it comes down to disturbing the earth. The pipes are large and deep primary water feeders. It's not like typical snowmaking pipe sitting above ground that you see on the sides of tra…
  • Good article on recent 250 Act Approval.,517344
  • Per the At 250 database, the permit was issued for:multiple facilities projects contained in Ski Magic, LLC's 5-year capital improvement plan including: 1) refurbishing and placing into service a mid-mountain chairlift (the Green Chair); 2) installi…
  • What was the 250 permit for, the pond or something else? The Act 250 approval is for a laundry list of items. It certainly included Disc Golf Course, base area snowmaking pipe, lodge deck, ski patrol hut, tube park lighting, installation of new begi…
  • the Q&A the following was noted:Question:  Is Solitude included in the buy?Ans…
  • Wow, skiing is really becoming a mega resort business.
  • Act 250 application approved and final. Green light for some huge improvements for this upcoming season and beyond.
  • Great to hear of this progress.
  • According to the map on the article they will have an additional video screen uphill from the free standing area to the lookers right of the course. I was in that spot last year and thought it was pretty good, but a screen that close - and uphill - …
  • Sugarbush is also going RFID. In addition to above, Magic is also doing some trail work, notably on Green Line and the connector from the summit of the "new" Green Lift onto Magic Carpet. I believe they also plan some trail work on some of those low…
  • Magic is also putting in a "Magic" Carpet lift. It has been ordered but not yet delivered.
  • Grew up in DC taking the 3 hour trip to ski Blue Knob for the day. Great terrain, especially steeps. Glad to see it's in good hands and getting investment. I wish them luck and hope they succeed.
  • Who didn't expect issues? I don't know a darn thing about lifts, but I expected issues. Heck, I didn't think they could even use the stuff...I figured it was standing scrap Believe me the people involved with resurrecting Green knew there would b…
  • I might be reading too much into this but that email from Majella made specific note of "Timberland" when they could have easily said acreage or land or whatever. Can the timberland they refer to actually be harvested? I hope this works. I've never…
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  • Naming winter storms is stupid... You can thank the Weather Channel and its desperate drive for ratings for that. But why the VT ski area Prez chose to repeat the nonsense is beyond me.  Because it's easier than saying the good storm the 2n…
  • Ha I wonder if the fact that there's only one person riding it is a premonition?!?!?!?
  • I hope it works out like last year. Went on Sunday -- great event.
  • Right now I'm not inclined to drive the extra miles past Belleayre to Platty, but if Belleayre gets more crowded I might. Really? When there's good natural Platty blows Belleayre out of the water IMHO.
  • Screw Hunter and Windham. Both of those are owned by either a major ski resort corporation player or a bumch of hedge fund guys. What about Platty...the sole independent mountain in the Cats. As a NY'er I would rather my tax dollars went elsewhere..…
  • Well if you can't turn a profit during a winter like last winter (for VT, esp north) you will not survive.
  • Sugarbush, Lincoln Peak, skiable terrain above Heavens Gate that was once accessible by the Gondola.