Two Point Oh Tutorial

How to Engage the SnowJournal Community: First, choose a forum category suitable to your topic. As a general guideline: Trip Reports are just that. Use The Hook-Up if you are planning a trip and you want others to join you. Use Operations/Management if you are discussing hows and why of running a ski area, including discussions about snowmaking techniques, lift installation, permitting, hiring and firing, or how to make french fries that stay crisp under billion killowatt heat lamps. Use NELSAP Forum for virtually all other skiing, snowboarding and ski area discussions. Use The Pit for anything not related directly to skiing and snowboarding. Use Website Discussion only if you are desperate. The others are self explanatory.
Next step, click on the appropriate category under "Forums" over there on the left. Then click the blue button that says "New Discussion." You'll be taken to a page to initiate the coversation. Type in a catchy discussion title. Then click in the comment box and share your thoughts. Click on "Post Discussion" and you're all set.

How to Embed a Photo from another website: First, go to the other website and right click on the photo you desire. Select "copy image URL" in Chrome or just "copy" in Explorer or something like that on the drop down menu. Return to the message you are composing in SnowJournal and look for the little picture icon in the message menu bar. (It's by the chains) Click on the little picture icon and paste the image URL. Then click submit. It should look something like this:


How to Upload a Photo and put it in your message: Look to the left immediately below the message window for "Attach a file" and punch the "Choose File" button. Find your file, and then click upload. Once the file is uploaded and you see a little tiny version of it, look below it and click on "Insert Image" and it will hopefully appear in your message. (No guarantees) If you don't click "Insert Image" you will just have a dopey little version of it in the lower left of your message, and everyone will know that you failed miserably. So be sure to click "insert image." If you do it right, it should look something like this:


How to Upload a Photo in .PNG format and put it in your message: Follow the exact instructions above, except that once the file is uploaded you will NOT see a little tiny version of it, you will see an icon of gibberish. But the file probably was uploaded. Frustrating indeed, but if this is the worst thing you face today, you're doin' ok. Look below the little tiny gibberish icon and click on "Insert Image" and it will hopefully appear in your message. Again, no guarantees.

How to Put a Hotlink in your message: First, go to the page on the world wide web that you wish to link to. Highlight the web address in your browser address bar, right click the highlighted address, and select "copy" from the drop down menu. It should look something like this:


Now return to the message you are so nicely composing, and use your mouse to highlight the text you wish to magically make into a hotlink. Once you've got that, look for the little chain icon in the message menu bar. It's right next to the little tiny picture icon. Click on that little chain link, and paste the web address in the little message box. Voila! It should look something like this:


How to Preview your message: This is quite a departure from SnowJournal 1.0 because the message window is the preview by default. Just one of the reasons SJ 2.0 is the extravaganza! The message window is "what you see is what you get" automatically! If you are interested in coding your messages the old-fashioned way, you can toggle back and forth between the automatic preview and the source code by clicking the little icon with the less than/greater than symbols on the little piece of paper icon in the message menu bar. It's over by the smileys. But keep in mind the old BB Code using brackets isn't recognized by this new software, you have to use html code. If you toggle back and forth, it should look something like this:


How to Edit your message: We've all been there. A few snoot fulls on a Friday night, and we wind up typing idiotic nonsense we wish we could take back. Well that's no problem, drink up! Next morning take two aspirin, log in, find your offensive message, hover your mouse over the upper right hand corner, click and edit away! On a handheld device it might look like a little gear. On a PC it should look something like this:


How to Donate: It costs money to run a website, but not much. So you're encouraged to donate by using any of the following links.

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Prefer to mail a donation? Send to: KBS/Hard'ack, 154 North Main Street, Saint Albans, VT 05478

If funds are tight, no problem, you can still help by volunteering! Here's the form


How to Contact the Admin: Don't ever do this. But if you feel you must, snowjournal (then the little "at" sign) nplas (now put a dot or period as we used to call it) com.

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